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Victoria's Secret unique call-to-action Snapchat contests stand out from the crowd

Lingerie manufacturer Victoria?s Secret is encouraging its Snapchat followers to get creative by doodling on products for a chance to win free stuff. 

Snapchat followers of Victoria?s Secret were given the chance to win a free a tote bag in celebration of last weekend?s major sales holiday, but in a more interactive and interesting manner. Users had to screen shot an image of a blank tote, design it how they like with the doodle feature on Snapchat and send it back to the lingerie brand for a chance to win. 

Snapping secrets 
Fans of Victoria?s Secret were given a free tote over the holiday weekend after interacting with the brand on Snapchat. A winner was picked out of the submissions that were sent through the mobile messaging application. 

The brand shared an image of their new tote to their followers on Snapchat to entice users out of envy on its story. The story went on to direct users to screen shot the next image, doodle on it and send it in for a chance to win the new product. 

The winner of the contest was picked at random and received a real life version of the tote featured in the doodle.

A hashtag was created for users to share their creations on other social media outlets such as Twitter or Instagram. The hashtag #BlackFridayContest gives Victoria?s Secret more awareness for its campaign, encouraging users to follow it on Snapchat and join the contest. 

The Black Friday contest was able to grab users attentions at a time when retail marketing is at an all-time with the major sales events happening. Participants had to complete an action and directly interact with the brand, which makes them much more invested in the contest. 

Victoria?s Secret may now also see an influx of customers visiting stores to receive their own tote bag, who did not win the contest but are still interested in the bag. 

Snapping success
The lingerie brand is well versed in the game of Snapchat, and is consistently putting out innovative and engaging campaigns that keep users interested in its content and combatting the dreaded unfollow button. 

For instance, Victoria?s Secret also continued last year?s significant push for social media domination by perfecting the art of organic branded content on Snapchat ? this time starring its Angel ambassadors to promote a limited-time sale.

Snapchat's successful leap into advertising has deemed it a must-have platform for any top retailer, especially one marketing to younger consumers and millennials. The social network's key demographic of 15 to 25-year-olds has transformed it into a vast opportunity to hit mobile marketing home runs with the help of real-time updates, brand influencers and limited-time content (see more). 

Victoria?s Secret also enticed Valentine?s Day enthusiasts with a doodle contest for its Snapchat followers, offering a chance to win one of its personalized panty kits in time for the retail-oriented holiday.

The lingerie giant ramped up fans? excitement for Valentine?s Day later this month by featuring some of its popular panties ? alongside the personalized panty kit ? in the Snapchat-enabled giveaway. Victoria?s Secret steadily built up a reputation of introducing themed contests for Snapchat followers, a strategy that other retailers may want to embrace for their own mobile marketing tactics (see more).