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H&M sees 5pc of monthly engagement driven from Wes Anderson ad

H&M's recent high profile video ad created by Oscar-nominated director Wes Anderson prompted an engagement boost in holiday shopping for the fast-fashion brand, driving 18,000 tweets and a 95 percent positive reaction from shoppers.

The success of the campaign shows how effective, high-quality marketing content can drive big numbers on social media. Users who engage on social media are some of the most valuable as they will be more likely to make purchases later.

?Having a celebrity spokesperson tied to a brand can be very rewarding, as it can drive awareness and purchase intent among a new audience,? said Ben Carlson, co-creator and co-president at Fizziology. ?Especially if that celeb has an engaged social following. But with celebrities, come any baggage they carry. 

?Their actions, political leanings and affiliations have the potential to damage the brand they?re associated with.?

Come together
The holiday season, as the biggest shopping season of the year, is the time when brands and marketers pull out all the stops to try and make an impression on consumers before they begin their holiday shopping. 

In light of that, brands with big marketing budgets such as H&M are going for high-profile campaigns with big names attached.

And few names are bigger than Wes Anderson, the Oscar-nominated writer and director of such classic films as The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom.

The film was a hit on social media, driving 18,000 tweets and being shared widely. 

Those numbers played a crucial part of the brand?s social engagement during Black Friday.

Data from Fizziology found that the campaign drover five percent of the brand?s social conversations over the last month while Black Friday drove one percent.

Those numbers put proof to the idea that high-profile campaigns give a legitimate boost to a retailer?s brand message and that social media can be a powerful tool for driving traffic,

Big budget
The celebrity-directed short film is an age-old trick in the marketing book, but one that has seen somewhat of a drop in frequency as marketers seek out campaigns that are more granular and can be repackaged and combined to suit the personalized demographics of the modern advertising audience.

But in some ways, H&M?s Come Together campaign is a throwback to that older style of a big, one-shot campaign with high production value.

While this style may be a throwback, the numbers show that it is anything but outdated.

?Audience and authenticity matter,? Mr. Carlson said. ?No longer can a marketer target a demographic segment and assume they?re reaching everyone with the right message. 

?Brands need to have a complete understanding of their audience and ensure the built-in audience of the selected talent has a natural overlap with their brand as opposed to just choosing the biggest names with the largest social following.?