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E! News rolls out Snapchat and 360-degree Golden Globes coverage

E! Network is bringing a bit of extra pizzazz to its coverage of this year?s Golden Globes with the addition of red carpet-focused episodes of its Snapchat show The Rundown as well as live 360-degree immersive video during the event.

The two initiatives represent E!?s larger move towards using innovative mobile techniques to enhance its coverage. The 360-degree video will be just one part of E!?s multifaceted Globes coverage.

?E! News is a frontrunner in innovative entertainment content creation and Live From The Red Carpet is a great opportunity for us to shine a light on our leadership in the space across all platforms, and especially in the social realm,? said an E! News spokesperson. 

?To solidify our position, E! News has evolved tremendously over the past 2 years with a strategic shift that fused the E! News linear and digital groups into a fully integrated, distributed media publisher, led by digital leadership committed to delivering content that audiences want 24/7 on any platform.  Social media and Snapchat are a crucial part of this strategy.?  

While we traditionally think of mobile as powerful tool for the worlds of retail, travel and other everyday consumer-facing industries, entertainment and specifically live event coverage is another benefactor of mobile?s democratizing effects.

E! Network is taking advantage of those effects to bring a new level if interaction to its coverage of this year?s Golden Globes.

In addition to standard red carpet coverage and stories online, this year E! is bringing two new additions to its Globes reporting.

The network will introduce new episodes of its Snapchat-exclusive program The Rundown along with a 360-degree immersive red carpet video experience.

The 360-degree video will put E!?s viewers virtually on the red carpet allowing them a new perspective on the event live as it unfolds.

There will be two live concurrent 360-degree feeds, allowing viewers to decide which one they want to tune into at a time.

The 360-degree feeds will be viewable through the E! News mobile application.

The Rundown
The Rundown debuted on Snapchat a few months ago and has already been off to a good start (see story).

The Snapchat-specific program was one of a host of new shows devoted specifically to the social media platform produced by both E! and other networks such as Fusion.

For the Golden Globes, The Rundown will be airing a red carpet-focused episode on the day of the event. 

This episode will allow for a quicker and more condensed version of E!?s overall coverage on a platform that many younger consumers are very familiar with.

Taken together, these two initiatives represent E!?s larger movement towards using mobile as a tool for providing unique takes on standard event coverage.

Whereas before, most networks would be content with live video and print coverage, networks now need to be able to use every tool in their mobile arsenal to keep up.

?Content like The Rundown allows E! News to reinvent entertainment and celebrity news for the next generation by presenting customized and fully produced entertainment news and pop culture content for each individual platform, from our state of the art studio, and in E! News? signature fast-paced and humorous tone," the E! spokesperson said.