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Twitter and dick clark productions partner for red carpet live streaming

Dick clark productions is continuing its trend of live streaming red carpet coverage of awards shows on Twitter with partnerships with three big ceremonies in the coming months.

The production company will use Twitter?s platform to live stream the Country Music Awards, the American Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards starting next month. The move is an attempt to cash in on the rising trend of live mobile video for branding purposes.

"Twitter is where conversations about award shows happen live," said Anthony Noto, COO at Twitter. "After a successful collaboration with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and dick clark productions on our exclusive Golden Globes red carpet show, we're excited to partner again with dcp to bring more live programming to Twitter."

dick clark productions
Live video has begun quite the shake up in recent months as it has debuted as a feature on a number of popular social media platforms.

Three of the biggest social media platforms have launched live video streaming capabilities in the last year. Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Twitter Live are already quite popular though their uses differ.

Facebook Live and Instagram Live have seen the most popularity from general users, who live stream events from an individual perspective.

Twitter on the other hand has been banking on brand use of live video as a way of engaging users with advertisers.

The latest step in this direction is a partnership with dick clark productions to live stream three major music awards shows in the next few months and other awards ceremonies to come in the future.

Dick clark productions will live stream from the red carpet at the Country Music Awards, the American Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards.

The red carpet pre-shows will feature exclusive interviews with celebrities and content available only through Twitter and not anywhere else.

If past partnerships are anything to go by, a unique sponsored hashtag with an accompanying emoji is also a likely addition. 

The live stream will come furnished with full TV-style advertisements with ad spots being sold now.

Live streaming
Twitter has upped its live streaming game in the past few months, securing a number of high profile partnerships with events and production companies to stream exclusive content.

Some of the more notable events have included a number of exclusive streams relating to the release of Rogue One: a Star Wars Story, in December (see story).

The social media platform has also streamed exclusive content related to the Golden Globes (see story).

Twitter and its associated partners must have seen some significant numbers for those events given the enthusiasm with which it is barreling forward with more live streaming partnerships.

Soon, live video on mobile and social channels may overtake other forms of poular video content as the premiere choice for live streaming video in an age when more and more people are cutting traditional cable subscriptions.

"We are thrilled with the success of the Golden Globes red carpet pre-show and look forward to working with Twitter on additional shows," said Mike Mahan, President, dick clark productions.  "By offering a unique online viewing opportunity, we are able to expand the audience experience and generate deeper, more compelling conversation."