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Hyundai simplifies driving by integrating mobile services into one app

Hyundai is combining its Blue Link and Car Care applications into a one-stop mobile destination that enables users to leverage remote start options, access how-to videos and receive vehicle diagnostics, suggesting that other car manufacturers should also streamline their digital services.

The vehicle manufacturer is rolling out the new MyHyundai mobile application, which seeks to decrease clutter on consumers? smartphones by integrating features available in its two other apps into a single destination. MyHyundai app users can now access various Blue Link services as well as on-demand car care options ? such as scheduling an oil change ? to streamline their driving experiences and save more time.

?Apps are a great way to simplify the ownership experience for people,? said Miles Johnson, senior manager of quality, service and technology at Hyundai Motor America. ?The average person uses their phone more than 40 times a day. 

?You have to put the information and tools where people want them.?

Simplicity in the front seat
The MyHyundai app integrates services previously found in the standalone Blue Link and Car Care apps into one destination, enabling users to unclutter their smartphone screens. MyHyundai can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

The one-stop shop for Hyundai owners contains tools including single login for both MyHyundai and Blue Link, updated care videos for 2016 models and guest user features, such as the ability to search for local gas stations.

Consumers can keep up-to-date with their accounts by monitoring their accumulated Hyundai rewards, vehicle purchase history and mobile alerts.

The manuals and tips section of the app boasts FAQs, how-to videos, car care tips, Bluetooth pairing videos and dashboard indicators, letting users access pertinent information while on the go.

Available service features include service-scheduling options, recall notifications and a recommended maintenance schedule.

Blue Link users can also find all of the platform's services within MyHyundai, including remote start options for climate control and door unlocking, destination search, a car finder and roadside assistance.

Previously, Hyundai owners needed to download two separate apps to access all of these tools. Consumers wanting to take advantage of all of MyHyundai?s capabilities must first activate their Blue Link service via the remote package.

Blue Link services can be accessed via the buttons located on the rearview mirror, the Web or the new MyHyundai app. Select features are controllable with Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatches.

Going mobile with automobiles
Hyundai?s decision to integrate multiple apps into a single destination will likely culminate in MyHyundai seeing a greater number of downloads as well as longer in-app sessions.

While the manufacturer has introduced a plethora of mobile-first services geared toward on-the-go customers in the past year, smartphone users are becomingly increasingly weary of their cluttered home screens and multitude of unused apps.

Several months ago, Hyundai also rolled out an augmented reality manual app that brought accessible how-to information to smartphones (see story).

Other vehicle marketers are debuting new all-inclusive apps as well.

For instance, General Motors is making it easier to schedule car repair and services with an online and mobile tool for customers in need of maintenance on their vehicles, allowing users to make appointments and receive recommendations (see story).

Nevertheless, Hyundai believes its customers will find great value within the new mobile offering.

?Our customers love the remote start feature,? Mr. Johnson said. ?We have done five million remote starts since we launched Hyundai Blue Link in five years. 

?This feature is the most popular in the cold weather states,? he said. ?Bluetooth pairing your phone for the first time in a new car can be tricky. 

?Our customers are going to love the pairing videos found inside the app.?