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Curve aims squarely at Generation Z in new campaign

Fragrance company Curve is urging Generation Z to try Curve for Men through a multichannel campaign that features social components and a series of humorous videos that entertain escapist fantasy. 

The campaign, called #CurveYourReality, is placing video content on all of its social channels, including the brand?s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel. #CurveYourReality also put on an event on December 6, hosted by actress and singer Christina Milian.

"The #CurveYourReality campaign features real fantasies of Gen Z men. Their fantasies are beyond girls and motorcycles; they are wild, weird and totally amazing," said Nelson Miranda, vice president of marketing, global fragrance at Elizabeth Arden. "Through our campaign, we want to share with young men the power of a great scent. A spray of Curve for Men will empower them to unleash the confidence it takes to live their fantasies."

The videos feature exclusively Generation Z age boys in the starring roles, many of whom are trying to court the attention of conspicuously older female counterparts. After dealing with initial frustrations, they spray a spritz of Curve for Men, which magically solves their problems.

The series presents a number of absurd situations, similar in tone to the campaigns put forth by competitors vying for Generation Z?s attention such as lifestyle and grooming brand Axe. In one such video, the young protagonist gets his dream girl after being turned into a Merman by a spray of Curve for Men; in another, we see a young man celebrating his love for spaghetti by swimming in a tub of it.

The campaign was unveiled during an evening of holiday festivities in New York on December 6, hosted by actress and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Christina Milian. 

?I'm so excited to partner with Curve Fragrances to reveal #CurveYourReality for the first time ever,? Ms. Milian said at the event. ?The campaign is so fun and, I think, captures the essence of why guys wear cologne in the first place.

?It's the perfect sexy, classic fresh scent for any guy! I think it's the perfect gift for the holidays."

Fragrance wars
The fragrance sector, while it can be a lucrative endeavor, is a very aggressive arena when it comes to marketing. French couture house Christian Dior used the art of video to embody a sense of adventure for its Sauvage cologne.

Actor Johnny Depp, as the face of Dior?s cologne, lent his voice to Sauvage?s new docuseries that emphasizes the lure of adventure (see story). 

And Italian fashion label Versace attempted to capture the essence of the modern man, giving him the moniker "Dylan Blue." The accompanying campaign, styled by Joe McKenna, features fashion heavy hitters such as Gigi Hadid and male models Trevor Signorino, Alan Jouban, Louis Solywoda and Filip Sjunnesson (see story).