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Palmer's Cocoa Butter recruits Snapchat maverick DJ Khaled for partnership

Palmer?s Cocoa Butter, an established brand of skin care, is partnering with recording artist and notorious Snapchat-lover DJ Khaled for an exclusive line of Cocoa Butter products accompanied by Khaled?s particular brand of Snapchat inspiration to promote it.

The campaign is centered on Palmer?s Cocoa Butter being one of Mr. Khaled?s ?keys? to success. The bottles will be branded with his message and signature golden key.

"We're so excited that DJ Khaled is joining our Palmer's family as a partner in the new DJ Khaled x Palmer's collection" said Paul Carpino, E.T. Browne Director of Marketing. "With this limited edition line, we're thrilled to give millions of DJ Khaled fans his signature Cocoa Butter 'key' for smooth skin."

Live life smooth
DJ Khaled, in addition to and perhaps even more so than his music, is widely known as a Snapchat wonder, posting countless stories that have captivated and brought laughter and inspiration to his many followers.

Many of his stories combine his many, many catchphrases ? the key, live life smooth, etc. ? with wacky adventures and shenanigans, such as the time he infamously got lost in the ocean on his jet ski for a full day and snapped the whole thing.

These antics have earned him legions of followers and the man has been busy putting his new audience to use with a series of brand partnerships that bring his signature unscripted style to a social marketing campaign.

This time, Mr. Khaled is partnering with storied skin care brand Palmer?s Cocoa Butter for a line of three different types of butter that are branded with his message and named after a few of his catchphrases.

The bottles include We The Best Glow, Live Life Smooth and They Block. Each one is branded with Mr. Khaled?s signature golden key, after the emoji he includes in many of his Snapchat stories about the keys to success.

The partnership came about when Mr. Khaled dedicated a Snapchat story to the product, claiming that it was indispensable in his personal life. Palmer took notice of the story, which had been widely spread at the time, and an organic partnership grew out of Mr. Khaled?s genuine love for the product.

Keys to success
These kinds of organic partnerships can be invaluable to a brand ? especially at a time when consumers are more aware of shallow or manipulative marketing than ever. 

Many of these organic partnerships are borne out of the digital world, where spontaneous interaction through social media is possible.

This presents a sense of earnestness and immediacy that is rare in more traditional marketing campaigns. 

From a consumer perspective, rather than appearing as highly crafted and engineered marketing ploy, the partnership showed a beloved public figure expressing a legitimate enjoyment of a product and the creator of that product quickly stepping in to add to that support.

This kind of immediacy is what makes Snapchat such a powerful tool in the mobile era, especially for connecting with younger consumers.

A Hired exec at ad:tech this year spoke about how Snapchat users are the most engaged out of any social platform (see story). 

With that kind of power, Palmer?s is right to go after one of the most influential voices in the field to support their product.

"I only work with brands that represent my lifestyle and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is a product I've been using for 15 years," said DJ Khaled. "The DJ Khaled x Palmer's capsule collection is a passion project of mine because my fans can now have a piece of my 'glow' thanks to Palmer's and our collaboration."