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Folgers leverages user-generated content for jingle-themed campaign

Procter & Gamble's Folgers is tapping into social video to revamp its iconic jingle and mining customers for branded posts to do so. 

The company is asking fans to record themselves singing the Folgers song and upload it online for a chance to win a cash prize. The brand is also teaming with country singer Chris Young for the promotion, who will meet with customers who are chosen as winners.

?The Folgers Jingle is an iconic tune that has lived in my memory since childhood,? Mr. Young said.

Covering the jingle
While video has always been a staple part of marketing, it is only recently with the advent of social media and mobile that immediate, social videos have taken over marketers? video budgets.

The new types of video ads are instant, mobile and most importantly sharable.  They are also just as often produced by customers as by the marketer itself.

This philosophy has informed the newest campaign from Folgers, which takes a user-generated approach to video marketing.

Folgers is capitalizing on the strong heritage associated with its iconic ?Best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup? jingle.

Chris Young will give a special mentoring session to the winner

The jingle has been in the public consciousness for 32 years, and Folgers has made great use of it, evolving it and unveiling new versions covered in a variety of styles.

Now, Folgers is asking consumers to do their part to reimagine the song in new contexts.

The brand is asking consumers to record themselves singing the Folgers theme song in a variety of settings with different arrangements and in different styles. These videos can be shared on social media and submitted to Folgers directly through a mobile-optimized Web site, where Folgers will judge them.

The winners have the chance to receive a $25,000 cash prize and the option meet with and receive a mentoring session from country singer Chris Young. 

User-generated content
This campaign is a great example of how marketers can work with their customers and not just for them.

By asking their consumers to make video content themselves in order to receive a reward from the brand, Folgers is minimizing the amount of content they will have to create for themselves while maximizing the organic engagement from their customers. 

Video is also an excellent way of tapping into the power of user-generated content, with numerous brands lining up to use social video to drive sales and engagement.

The Folgers jingle debuted in 1984 

Most recently, 7Up ran a video campaign centering on the many ways the soda can be used outside of just drinking (see story).

Similarly, Target tapped into Grammys excitement with a video campaign that brought together music icons for a new branded song and music video (see story).

While these campaigns lacked the user-generated content angle, they share with the Folgers campaign a reliance on video as the new way of immediate, intimate marketing in the mobile era.

?I?m excited to be a part of this year?s Folgers Jingle Contest which gives up-and-coming musicians an opportunity to showcase their musical talent and look forward to mentoring the finalists on their Folgers Jingle submissions,? Mr. Young said.