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Colgate debuts newest product with the help of makeup influencer, Instagram Live

Colgate-Palmolive introduced the latest product in its Colgate Optic White line in a unique way for a CPG brand, by holding a beauty master class on Instagram with an expert makeup artist to complement a radiant smile.

The new product, aptly named Radiant Toothpaste by Colgate Optic White, is available now through all of Colgate?s commerce channels. The attempt at engagement through Instagram plays into one of the most compelling narratives to begin to develop this year: CPG brands? willingness (or lack thereof) to commit serious funds to Instagram, which, while being a good host for influencer and brand content, is seen as not particularly conducive to transactions.

"Colgate Optic White is always looking to use the latest and greatest social features when collaborating with influencers," said Serena Meteau, associate marketing director at Colgate Optic White. "This was Mario?s first ever Instagram Live session, and we thought it was the perfect way to engage his fans in a setting that is more intimate than a typical social post. 

"While Mario was live, fans had the opportunity to have their beauty questions answered in real time and watch him demonstrate one of his favorite makeup tips as if they were right there in the room with him. Engagement was extremely high, and we could tell by the fans? comments that they were thrilled to have this type of access to Mario."

Influencer marketing
The way that Colgate Optic White?s Radiant Toothpaste is being marketed also represents a subtle, but significant pivot for the CPG product: the presentation of a toothpaste, generally considered a toiletry, as a beauty product. The designation of Colgate?s vice president of oral care marketing, Bill Van de Graaf, of Colgate Optic White as an ?oral care beauty brand? proves further that the product?s marketing is meant to depict oral care as a facet of beauty rather than hygiene.

Mario Dedivanovic for Colgate

During the Instagram Live session, professional makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic offered advice on achieving the best makeup looks from the red carpet at home (the timing was opportune, with residual buzz still in the air from the Academy Awards show a few days prior) and provided a few ?glam tips,? as well. 

Among Mr. Dedivanovic?s tips were to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the cheeks, use cream shadows on eyelids instead of powders for long-lasting smoky eyes, and, of course, to keep a tube of Radiant Toothpaste by Colgate Optic White on hand, in case one would like to brush their teeth before applying lipstick. 

CPG on Instagram
Consumer packaged goods brands (of which Colgate is undoubtedly a part of, regardless of its beauty ambitions) have had a tenuous relationship with Instagram, especially in the last year. A recent report form L2, indicated serious stagnation in digital growth for the sector, and also references its dominance by large conglomerates such as Procter & Gamble, a circumstance that may have a serious effect on the pace of digital development in CPG.

Mario Dedivanovic for Colgate

One of the most surprising metrics the report gleaned was that the study?s Index Home Care brands were slow to adopt Instagram, climbing from 34 percent in 2015 to just 41 percent in 2016 (see story). 

One reason for the lack of adoption could be that CPG brands tend towards splashier displays of creative than the mobile platform generally hosts. Procter & Gamble?s latest high-profile creative, a titillating Super Bowl commercial for Mr. Clean, largely gained traction through traditional outlets (see story).

"Instagram has been a great brand building platform for Colgate Optic White, as much of the Optic White brand equity looks to build credibility as a beauty tool," Ms. Meteau said. "We know that our target is spending time on the platform, so we?ve been strategic in building programming from a holistic point of view, including influencer, owned, earned and paid content."