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Procter & Gamble proves mobile advertising is a given

Consumer packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble is running a variety of mobile ad campaigns for its different brands because it understands the importance of the channel.

Most recently, P&G tapped 4Info for a variety of campaigns, each with different objectives and mobile channels, including programs promoting Herbal Essences and CoverGirl products. 4Info helps P&G target its mobile advertising to specific consumer audience groups.

?Mobile marketing has progressed to the point that mobile Web display advertising is really a given,? said Julie Shumaker, senior vice president of sales and marketing at 4Info, San Mateo, CA.

?While virtually all brands automatically check the box on including mobile banner ads in a campaign, they are now discovering the primary benefit of mobile comes from more personal and interactive channels that provide longer term engagement, such as within mobile apps or SMS,? she said.

In addition to Herbal Essences and CoverGirl, P&G?s global consumer goods brands include Always, Bounty, Braun, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Duracell, Fusion, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Mister Clean, Olay, Oral B, Pampers, Pantene, Pringles and Tide.

BrandInHand Inc. is P&G's agency of record in the mobile space.

4Info is a mobile advertising company specializing in various mobile channels, including the mobile Web, applications, video and SMS.

According to a recent Nielsen report, the mobile Web display portion of 4Info?s Mobile Audience Network now has a reach of more than 69 million unique users, which represents 75 percent of all U.S. mobile Web.

Experienced mobile marketer
P&G has a long history of using mobile advertising to promote its various brands, proving that mobile advertising is a given for large marketers.

The corporation has used mobile to strike down young French girls? prejudices about tampons and educate them about the benefits of its Tampax brand, in partnership with agencies Phonevalley and Starcom MediaVest.

Charmin, P&G?s toilet paper brand, sponsored global bathroom directory SitOrSquat Inc.?s Web site and mobile applications, which help consumers on the go find the cleanest nearby public toilets worldwide.

The CoverGirl cosmetics brand promoted its LashBlast mascara product via a mobile advertising campaign that ran across female-targeted WAP sites. The ads encouraged consumers to click to find out how to get ?bold, notice-me looks.?

P&G has also run on-deck idle-screen advertising with carrier MetroPCS.

Its Tide brand launched Stain Brain, a free application for iPhone and iPod touch that consumers can use to find and share ways to remove stains at home and on the go.

P&G's Gillette razor and blade brand launched "uArt," an iPhone application that lets consumers upload their picture and use the Gillette Fusion razor to virtually shave and create any facial hairstyle they like.

The Always brand has an application that not only provides branded content and tips, but also lets women discreetly buy feminine hygiene products directly on their mobile devices.

P&G uses mobile ads to drive downloads of  its various branded applications.

With all of these various mobile initiatives that P&G runs for its various brands, the company proves that having a mobile strategy is a given for brands.

Multichannel mobile campaigns with 4Info
P&G has expanded its agreement with 4Info to focus on cross-channel mobile campaigns featuring SMS and mobile Web Display advertising.

A CoverGirl mobile display ad promoting a $5,000 sweepstakes

These ad units have click-to-mobile-Web functionality.

An Herbal Essenses mobile banner ad

The corporation?s mobile marketing tactics follow its individual brand strategies, and execution varies by each brand?s targeted consumer segments.

Herbal Essenses' landing page on the mobile Web

The mobile campaigns have targeted Hispanic and teen audiences, as well as adult females and males ages 18-34, with both mobile display and SMS ads.

?The mobile audience is big and getting bigger, but not all consumers are in every part of the mobile ecosystem,? Ms. Shumaker said. ?Some folks love apps, some never touch them.

?Text messaging reaches every handset, but lacks the emotional impact of mobile video,? she said. ?For brands to maximize the impact of their mobile campaigns, it is critical they maintain a presence with the whole mobile audience.?

Final Take
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