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New Chase campaign targets Hispanics for mobile

Chase is running a new television advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness within the U.S. Hispanic community about many banking features, including Chase Mobile.

The message of the Spanish-language ad campaign is "Chase. Juntos Se Puede" (Together We Can). The two TV spots appear on Univision and Telemundo in New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX.

"While 'Juntos Se Puede' is aligned with the general marketing campaign, we are specifically communicating that Chase is here to be a partner, or socio, with the Latino community," said Rebecca Vargas, head of the multicultural segment at Chase, New York.

"We are promoting mobile banking to Latino consumers as a better way to manage their money and achieve their financial goals," she said.

Chase's site at for mobile banking allows customers to check their bank account balance via SMS and to request alerts about activity in their accounts.

The bank is promoting mobile banking for its target market, as well as existing customers and consumers thinking about making a switch.

"This is a very relevant tool for Latinos, and we are the only major bank talking to the Latino community about this service," Ms. Vargas said. "We are communicating to them that this is a helpful tool to check their balances before they spend money."

The mobile-banking-targeted TV commercial, known as "Letter," shows a Latino man opening a letter bearing bad news. He has overdrawn his bank account by overspending on gifts and dates with his girlfriend.

At the end of the spot, he uses his mobile phone to check his bank account balance before entering a nice restaurant with her.

The campaign also includes three Spanish-language radio commercials.

"Focus groups responded very well and they understood how the service works, that by using their text messages in the cellular phone, they can text Chase and Chase will text them back," Ms. Vargas said. "They also thought it was funny.

"We know that the general consumer is more savvy as far as banking products are concerned," she said. "The Latino consumer still needs a little bit more of empowering to achieve their dreams, so we're letting them know that Chase Mobile will better allow them to manage their money."