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Allstate hosts its Black History Month campaign on social and digital channels

Allstate is ringing in its annual campaign for Black History Month by keying in social media users to the stories of three African Americans making positive changes to their communities. 

The stories were crafted as a part of the insurance company?s Worth Telling campaign, which will run on social and digital channels, with a traditional presence though a radio offering, as well. Allstate has not published any plans on broadcasting the campaign through traditional media, making this campaign largely a digital product, which is a relatively new development for comparable social awareness initiatives. 

""This effort helps humanize the brand and tells relatable stories that celebrate some of the most significant history in our nation," said Jeff Hasen, author of The Art of Mobile Persuasion. "Storytelling has never been as important or broad given the many ways and channels for us to communicate. 

"Of course, everything doesn't need to be ? or should be ? about selling product."

Worth Telling
The videos will also be highlighting the communities of Mobile, Philadelphia and New Orleans, communities where the three subjects are looking to make a positive impact through entrepreneurship. 

Isaac White, Sr., founder of White?s Barbershop in Mobile, Alabama, has been working in the community since the 1940?s and has been teaching locals how to cut hair tuition-free and providing them job opportunities since the 1960?s.

Ariell Johnson, the owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Philadelphia, has been working to promote diversity and inclusion within the comic book industry and his likeness recently appeared on the illustrated cover of Marvel's Invincible Iron Man #1.

Mr. White, Sr. has been working in the Mobile community for decades

And Aaron Walker founded Camelback Ventures in New Orleans to address the inequities of education and social innovation by providing coaching, capital and connections to people of color and women entrepreneurs through a six-month fellowship. Camelback Ventures has worked with more than 20 early-stage entrepreneurs to give them access to crucial entrepreneurial tools early in their careers.

Allstate will be sharing their stories through the campaign?s mobile-optimized Web site and on the company's official YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels using the hashtag, #WorthTelling. 

The campaign will also run online and on national radio throughout the month of February. In addition, to support each Worth Telling individual's mission and further connect the campaign to their respective local communities, Allstate will host events in Mobile, Philadelphia and New Orleans that highlight the individuals' contributions and honor their participation in the campaign.

Insurance campaigns
Insurance companies are known for releasing sterling creative, mostly due to constraints having to do with purveying a less-than-exciting product to consumers. The Worth Telling Black History Month campaign is just another example of this, and will make headway towards organically increasing Allstate?s brand awareness while also highlighting more-than-deserving individuals.

Mr. Walker's Camelback Ventures helps community members looking to run a business

Allstate also did some useful community outreach over the holidays last year, sing its mobile application to provide cheap emergency car maintenance in the case of breakdowns. (see story). 

And the insurance company recently revamped its digital payment method with QuickCard Pay, which takes over for its Fast Mobile e-Payment as its new focus for quick, mobile-ready payment options using the Mastercard Send system to help users pay their bills and receive payments on claims on any device (see story).

"Allstate is committed to creating, supporting and sponsoring programs that empower the African-American community," said Georgina Flores, vice president, product marketing at Allstate. "We are celebrating Black History Month by sharing inspirational stories of African-American pioneers who are impacting communities across the country today."