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Diet Pepsi boosts social media presence via mobile ads

Diet Pepsi is rewarding consumers via a mobile ad campaign that not only increases Facebook ?Likes? but also keeps consumers coming back on a daily basis.

Diet Pepsi is predominately using mobile Web to spread the message of this campaign. Pepsi has combined mobile and social media many times in the past to raise brand awareness.

?When a company is laying out a mobile ad campaign, the first step in the wire frame process is the banner ad ? the content, the layout and the design of this banner will either be the crowning win of the campaign or the detrimental loss of the campaign,? said Marci Troutman, CEO of Siteminis, Atlanta.

?A very good rule of thumb when creating the reason for the consumer to click the banner would be for those in the wire-frame process to host a focus group of their peers, friends, neighbors and colleagues to ask the very simple question, ?would you click on this mobile ad to learn more???

?The design of the mobile banner ad works well, however there is not a clear call-to-action on the banner ad, simply a Go button ? with the logo and tagline. Once the consumer clicks the ad then there is a clear reward  front and center on the mobile-optimized landing page.?

Ms. Troutman is not associated with Diet Pepsi. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Diet Pepsi did not respond to press enquiries.

Pop on mobile
The creative for the mobile ad features scrolling text that encourages consumers to get their daily refreshment fix by tapping on the ad.

When they tap on the ad, they are redirected to Pepsi?s mobile site where they can learn more about Diet Pepsi?s Refreshing Rewards Facebook contest.

Via the site, consumers can sync their Facebook account with the Pepsi Refreshing Rewards app. Diet Pepsi is using the Facebook app as a platform to send out daily rewards and tips to fans.

Additionally, users can sign up for daily emails from the mobile site.

Users are encouraged to visit the site daily to try prizes. Using a daily element is a smart way for Diet Pepsi to keep users coming back on a regular basis.

Mobile sweepstakes
The key with mobile contests and sweepstakes is to keep the entry process simple.

Given the size of a mobile screen, users have less patience to fill out lengthy submission forms. Therefore, using a Facebook account helps streamline the process.

Social media and mobile feed into each other, and Pepsi often combines the two mediums in its marketing.

For instance, Pepsi recently took its Live for Now campaign mobile by placing QR codes on cups that link users to celebrity news video content.

The campaign is heavily driven by social media, and users are encouraged to follow the celebrities on Twitter and tweet at Pepsi?s account with a campaign-specific hash tag (see story).

However, packing in more information about what users would experience after clicking on the ad could have been more effective for this Diet Pepsi ad, per Ms. Troutman.

?The branding is good, the site is mobilized and the video for a little fashion advice offers the ability to ?Like? on Facebook, tweet or Pin it on Pinterest ? overall this mobile ad campaign could have been delivered much more effectively,? Ms. Troutman said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York