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Red Bull relies on mobile to accumulate YouTube views

Red Bull is marrying its mobile and social efforts with a new advertising campaign that urges consumers to think outside the box on what inspires them.

Mobile banner ads are running inside the Vevo iPhone application to support the 2013 World of Red Bull campaign. Red Bull has continuously turned to mobile advertising to show off its social media presence in the past.

?Red Bull successfully links people's daily life through this mobile strategy to push YouTube and Twitter content,? said Isabella Lin, content director at Appitalism, New York.

?Red Bull sponsors a variety of extreme sports athletes and the focus on the marketing message, ?give you wings? fits to travel by the surfer or skier with compelling visual content,? she said.

Ms. Lin is not affiliated with Red Bull. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Red Bull did not respond to press inquiries.

Social is mobile
The copy for the mobile ad makes it clear that Red Bull puts social media at the forefront of many of its marketing campaigns.

The banner ads feature a photo of a Red Bull product next to copy that reads, ?#Givesyouwings.?

Users are then directed to a mobile microsite that highlights Red Bull?s YouTube videos.

The page shows off a new campaign from Red Bull that is aimed at helping inspire users by encouraging them to think of things outside their comfort level.

For example, the site includes a video that shows consumers surfing, flying from space and skiing in extreme areas of the world.

Essentially the site serves as a hub of social and video content around Red Bull?s 2013 World of Red Bull.

Consumers are also prompted to send a tweet with the hashtag #Givesyouwings about what inspires them.

Prominent links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are placed at the top of the page, which helps the brand build deeper one-on-one relationships with consumers via social media.

Past initiatives
When it comes to social media and mobile, Red Bull repeatedly shows how the two go hand-in-hand across multiple platforms.

For example, Red Bull was one of the first brands to launch marketing campaigns on Spotify?s mobile radio service, which were fueled by social media.

In September, Red Bull ran a campaign on Spotify?s iPhone app that promoted back-to-school season with a mobile game that can be shared via Facebook (see story).

Earlier last year, the brand used a mobile social campaign to promote its annual Red Bull Crashed Iced World Championship event. The brand claims that more than 10 percent of registrations came from mobile (see story).

Everything that Red Bull does in mobile and social circles around the brand knowing its consumers. From there, messages are tailored to specific demographics.

In this case, Red Bull is using video to engage its group of adventure enthusiasts who are tech-savvy on social platforms.

As social media and content consumption continues to grow on mobile devices, savvy marketers will use the two marketing channels to complement each other.

?Branded content and social media is a huge market area, but most brands get it wrong, focusing mainly on the brand itself,? Ms. Lin said.

?Red Bull has a better understanding ? creating the content that users want to watch and fueling the Red Bull lifestyle,? she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York