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Absolut, Lyft encourage social connections through branded party cars

Absolut is working with ride-sharing application Lyft to give users a wild night on the town with Absolut-branded Lyft cars and ice-breaking prompts, encouraging consumers to make connections with strangers.

Absolut is offering consumers the chance to ride in a branded Lyft car with other passengers. The customers will see a variety of Absolut-related ice-breaking prompts and other activities to facilitate consumers being open to new experiences.

"As a brand, we believe nightlife starts when inhibitions end; opening your mind to let the night guide you through new connections and experiences," said Nick Guastaferro, director of marketing at Absolut, Pernod Ricard USA. "We're excited to bring this ethos to life through our partnership with Lyft ? allowing people, who otherwise may have never met, to come together through an unexpected ride-sharing experience."

Electrick blue
The joint campaign was created to promote the return of Absolut?s Electrick, a limited edition blue bottle.

Absolut wanted to celebrate the return of Absolut Electrick by injecting an ?electrick? atmosphere into the mostly staid world of ride-sharing.

To do so, Absolut partnered with Lyft to offer consumers rides in an Absolut-branded car, starting last week, in six cities around the country. Customers who rode together were encouraged to make unexpected connections with other customers.

To facilitate these unexpected connections, Absolut is offering users who ride together a unique Absolut night out, starting with ice-breaking prompts for riders to do in the car together. 

Questions will appear on a screen mounted in the back seat of the Lyft car and consumers are encouraged to answer them with their new friends.

Some of the prompts include a variety of ?Would I Ever questions? and other get-to-know-you prompts, as well as more active activities such as a lip-sync battle.

After the ice-breaking, consumers are taken to a private party hosted by Absolut with exclusive live performances.

Branded rides
Lyft and other ride-sharing services have been supplementing their regular transaction revenue with brand partnerships in recent months, particularly as a way of moving customers from where they are to a branded experience.

Uber has been working with the Sears-owned Shop Your Way rewards points system while other, smaller services such as Ride Austin have worked with live events such as the Austin City Limits music festival.

Ride-sharing apps can offer their customers a unique experience while also raking in extra revenue from brand partnerships that focus on spicing up the standard car service experience with new ideas.

"We're always working hard to bring our passengers the best rideshare experience, and a safe night on the town in a custom electric blue Lyft ride is no exception," said Julia Parsons, Director of Partner Marketing, Lyft. "We're excited to amp up people's Lyft Line experience in partnership with Absolut."