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Chicken of the Sea strikes gold with Facebook game

The Pull It Off game was created in promotion of the brand?s new ergonomic packaging, called the EZ-Open Can. By offering players healthy recipes and a chance to win $25,000 in mobile gift cards, Chicken of the Sea managed 253,271 total game plays with 47,140 unique players; a 580 percent increase in web traffic and engagement and a 12,367 percent jump in visits to the brand?s website from third-party social platforms.

?At this time, there are no plans to expand the game to other platforms,? said Maureen McDonnell, Chicken of the Sea's director of brand marketing. ?We may consider another game given Pull It Off?s strong engagement and long hours that consumers spent with the brand.
?Facebook is a dynamic platform to host games because the Facebook App is easily accessible to users. The combination of Facebook?s advertisements and entertainment capabilities generated great results for the Pull It Off Game.?

Pull It Off
The game?s pilot period and supporting promotion lasted from October 13 to November 12. The game also boosted transaction numbers for Chicken of the Sea Tuna and Salmon in the new cans, specifically created from research showing that families wanted an easier way to access shelf-stable seafood. 

The game also convinced consumers to spend more than 10,000 hours engaging with the brand during each week of the campaign, a huge boon for a marketing campaign that took an advancement in packaging rather than product as an opportunity.

Chicken of the Sea currently offers five of its most popular products in the new EZ-Open packaging. 

The game was created through the seafood brand?s collaboration with partners Pivot Point Marketing, Active Ingredients, Amusement Park and The Gaming Agency.

Engaging with gaming
There have been many instances of deep, interactive content geared towards mobile consumers coming out of creative departments in the past year. For example, to promote TBS? late-night comedy show, Conan, the network partnered with Team Coco and AT&T to release an augmented reality application that lets users interact with Conan O?Brien and the AT&T brand by finding hidden prizes around New York City (see story). 

And more recently, Canon looked to change the way the classic game Tag is played by bringing it into the social media space, tapping celebrities to get the game going to promote its latest camera (see story). 

?We wanted to create an engaging and entertaining game that offered consumers a fun way to connect with Chicken of the Sea on a personal level,? Ms. McDonnell said. ?The game itself was a uniquely addicting and competitive experience that captivated consumers to participate on a daily basis and expand their interest in Chicken of the Sea?s new EZ-Open line.

?The gratification of instant-win prizes was also a strong attraction to mobile users.?