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Mountain Dew unveils multi-pronged All-Star mobile campaign

Pepsico's Mountain Dew is teaming up with a number of NBA stars for a series of campaigns, from video to social media, all hosted through a mobile-optimized hub.

The campaigns are a part of a series celebrating ?the game beyond the game? and involve social videos, a mobile-optimized Web site and chances to win in-person prizes. The multi-pronged approach represents Mountain Dew?s doubling down as a sports-associated brand and using innovative digital and mobile techniques to spread its message.

"Basketball's influence extends beyond the sport into music, style, art and more. It's the 'game beyond the game' and what we are celebrating through The Courtside Project in New Orleans and throughout the rest of the season," said Ryan Collis, senior director of marketing, Mountain Dew.

All-Star game
Every year, the NBA All-Star game is one of the most talked about sporting events in the country.

In addition to offering a spectacle for fans, it is also an opportunity for brands to capitalize on the increased attention from sports fans on the event.

One brand that is making the most of this opportunity is Mountain Dew, which is introducing a massive campaign centered on the game with sponsorships from NBA players across a number of channels.

The campaign sees the brand partnering with a number of NBA players, including Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas as well as influencers from outside the world of sports like rapper Joey Bada$$.

The lead-off of the campaign will be a social video spot featuring Mr. Westbrook and the new tagline, ?Don?t do they, do you.?

The campaign features a mobile contest to attend the filming of a music video by Joey Bada$$ as well as a branded fashion line from designer Don C.

"Growing up in Chicago, idolizing the greats from the game, the NBA has always been a source of style inspiration for me ? from my first pair of sneakers to seeing the players walk down the tunnel on game days," said Don C. "With this collection, I am excited to creatively expand on the ever present inspiration of the players, style icons and fans through my designs."

Multi-pronged approach
This multi-pronged marketing initiative is an example of how modern brands need to take a comprehensive approach when designing campaigns.

Rather than going all in on one hit-or-miss project, Mountain Dew is setting a precedent by going for a more modular approach.

By design, this campaign is actually composed of multiple campaigns in one, all grouped around a common theme with common collaborators and housed on a mobile-optimized Web site.

Tying the marketing campaign to a live, popular event is another great way to engage customers and is a strategy that has embraced by multiple brands in recent months.

The campaign tagline is "Don'd do they, do you."

For example, Mountain Dew?s sister brand Pepsi has had success with Super Bowl promotions (see story).

Likewise, A&W found success in spoofing the Academy Awards for a marketing campaign (see story).

Altogether, a multi-pronged, comprehensive approach to mobile marketing is a winning strategy and it is one that smart retailers should emulate if they wish to succeed.

"Spanning Turner Sports' footprint across television, digital, social and on-site at All-Star Weekend, Dew NBA 3X exposes fans to some of the best amateur basketball athletes in the country alongside the NBA's best from past and present," said Will Funk, executive vice president of sales and property sponsorships for Turner Sports. "This is a perfect example of a true partnership that dives deep into basketball sports culture and uniquely engages those fans across all platforms."