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Oreo continues sweeping omnichannel campaign with mobile-only activation

Oreo Space Dunk, created through a partnership between Oreo and a numer of tech firms including Google, combines Google Earth and Google Street View to allow fans across the world to virtually dunk an Oreo cookie, launching it into ?space? and back. The integration of motion detection technology and geo-location ensures a personalized dunk for each user.

"We know people across the country grew up dunking Oreo cookies in milk," said Patty Gonzalez, director of Oreo equity, North America. "Our goal is to not only recapture the simple magic of those moments, but to do so in a way that feels novel and fresh."

Oreo Space Dunk
Fans will use their mobile devices to scan an Oreo cookie, which then unlocks a mobile site that recognizes and transforms the real cookie into a digital version that?s ready to be launched into the virtual atmosphere.

They will then swing their phone to determine the trajectory of the digital Oreo cookie. The more velocity used when swinging, the further the Oreo cookie will ?travel? from the user?s location before descending and dunking into a virtual glass of milk across the world, with location data and imaging provided by Google Maps and Google Street View. 

Users can then share a GIF and image of their Oreo cookie?s journey and distance on social media to encourage their friends to join the Oreo Dunk Challenge.

The experience showcases dunks landing from far and wide, all across the world. For example, a trial test of the game landed an Oreo cookie in South Africa?s National Botanical Garden.

The Oreo Space Dunk experience

It?s not entirely clear who this experience appeals to: the UI seems to run a bit sluggishly, with the main culprit being Oreo?s decision to host Oreo Space Dunk on a mobile-only browser instead of incorporating it into a smoother app experience. 

However, the Oreo Space Dunk looks to be a neat little novelty in service to a larger campaign, and may gain a spot of traction if Oreo invests the right amount (but not too much) of attention into promoting it on social media. 

Food and beverage
The Oreo Space Dunk is the latest activation in Oreo?s massive Oreo Dunk Challenge campaign, which leverages digital video and social media activations to promote star-studded content. Shaquille O?Neal, Neymar, Jr., and Christina Aguilera star (see story). 

And Mondelez rival Mars, Incorporated?s Snickers made a bold move for its high-priced Super Bowl spot by filming the ad live and holding a 36-hour Facebook stream (see story).

Google Street View provided some exotic locales

"The Oreo Dunk Challenge is a great way to inspire our fans by showcasing new, fun and innovative ways to dunk Oreo cookies in milk, whether online, mobile, in-store, at-home or when enjoying some of our culture's most high profile moments," Ms. Gonzalez said.