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Jack in the Box runs post-Super Bowl mobile campaign

Fast-food chain Jack in the Box launched a mobile marketing campaign during the Super Bowl that was recently expanded to include coupon offers.

In addition to the TV commercial, the campaign includes both wired and mobile Web sites, as well as a call-to-action encouraging consumers to sign up for SMS alerts and coupon offers. The campaign is powered by FoneMine and Horizon Media.

"We're powering the Jack in the Box mobile alerts with Horizon Media," said Roger Pang, director of business development for FoneMine. "We're serving video and mobile alerts based on Jack Box's status, and it's been spreading virally.

"The site has gotten lots of hits, and people are accessing it in different ways," he said.

The mobile campaign is an extension of Jack in the Box's TV commercial that ran during Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 1.

In the commercial, Jack Box, the restaurant chain's mascot that is featured in its logo, is hit by a bus.

At the end of the commercial, the campaign's URL -- -- flashes on the screen. The site can be accessed via computer, and there is also a mobile-optimized version.

The Hang in there Jack mobile site contains the following message:

"Show your support for Jack. Download a coupon at Use it anytime, day or night, on Tues., Feb. 10. Jack would want it that way.

"Jack Box was hit by a bus. He's being evaluated at an emergency room. For more information, go to

"Click image to view the video [of Jack Box getting hit by the bus].

"In lieu of sending flowers, please order anything on the menu, anytime of day.

"Jack would want it that way."

Consumers are then urged to click on a store locator to "Find a Jack in the Box restaurant near you."

There is a call-to-action to opt into the campaign: "Sign up to get the latest on Jack's condition."

Consumers are asked to enter their name, mobile number, email address and ZIP code to subscribe to the SMS alerts.

The next message is: "Keep your friend in the loop on Jack's condition."

Then, consumers are asked to spread the campaign virally by clicking on a "Forward to a friend" icon.

After consumers sign up, they receive the following text message:

"Thank you for subscribing to Jack in the Box alerts.

"Standard messaging charges by your carrier may apply. To opt-out, text STOP to 52255."

After opting in, consumers receive a text message with a status update on Jack's condition and offered a coupon.

Also, the consumers are encouraged to visit on their computer to view the coupon and print it out.

The campaign will run at least through the end of the month and possibly beyond, with other SMS alerts and coupon offers.

Jack in the Box recently ran a mobile coupon campaign to drive consumers to its restaurants in six states (see story).