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Vicks? smart thermometer helps busy moms keep kids healthy

Procter & Gamble licensee Kaz USA is making its first foray into mobile with a new wireless smartphone thermometer and companion application to help moms track the health of their families. 

The Vicks SmartTemp digital stick thermometer leverages Bluetooth technology to communicate fever information to a smartphone app. The launch is the latest example of how mobile technology is turning everyday household items into information hubs. 

?From a mom?s perspective, we know how frustrating and stressful it can be to recall information like temperature readings, complete list of symptoms, as well as medicine dosages for the doctor?s office when a child is sick,? said Lara Peterson, vice president of healthcare at Kaz USA. ?For many, it?s not unusual to have more than one sick child at a time ? and it?s not easy to remember what you?ve done and when you did it. 

?With the convenience of today?s Bluetooth technology and mom?s comfort with smart devices and apps, Vicks set out to help solve these issues by leveraging the brand?s expertise in digital stick thermometry and creating the Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer, the first wireless digital stick thermometer available on the mass market.  
?The Vicks SmartTemp helps mom and dad provide the best care for their children, and helps them have a smarter doctors visit, every time.?

Health tracking
The Vicks SmartTemp companion app enables users to accurately track fever and symptom information at a glance using either an iOS or Android device. Users can also easily communicate information to doctors. 

The device tracks information for multiple members of a household, with individualized profiles created for each where their detailed temperature history is stored. 

The temperature readings are automatically populated from the thermometer via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Symptoms, medications and other notes can be added to help track an illness and as reference. The full history can be stored and recalled with the companion app.

Busy moms
The Vicks SmartTemp app also features Fever InSight guidance, which turns the screen of the mobile device a different color depending on the temperature reading. The screen will change from green to yellow or red as body temperature rises. 

Temperature readings and symptom notes can also be exported via email to share with a family doctor, school nurse or other family member. 

Reminders can also be set up to help users keep on track with doctors' advice.

These notifications prompt users at a requested time with the prior dosage information for each family member, or provide a temperature notification at a requested time.

The thermometer, which sells for $24.99, is available at pharmacy and baby retailers now. 

Savvy marketers recognize that busy moms are increasingly reliant on their smartphone to help them manage their hectic schedules. 

Kaz USA?s research shows that parents face a challenge trying to accurately remember their children?s fever histories. By combining the digital stick thermometer technology the company was already leveraging with wireless automated history tracking via an app, Kaz hopes to help moms have the accurate information they need easily available when they visit the doctor. 

Kaz USA designed and distributes the Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer through a license agreement with The Procter & Gamble Company. 

?The consumer is first prompted to complete a one-time pairing of the thermometer to their smartphone app that takes just a few seconds and ensures the thermometer?s readings will always securely transfer to their smartphone,? Ms. Peterson said. ?Next, the user has the option of browsing the app tour or begin using the features immediately. 

?Users are guided to create profiles for each family member and shown how to select a location for the reading ? oral, underarm or rectal,? she said. ?The fast 8-second readout also includes Vicks Fever Insight which changes from green to yellow for elevated readings and to red for fever ranges. 

?Users can then enter symptom and medicine notes, and take advantage of additional helpful features for temperature/medicine reminders and email exports to share data with doctors and family members.?
Final Take
?Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York