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Pure Barre attracts beginners with mobile hub and social push

Trending workout organization Pure Barre is facilitating the goals of consumers whose New Year?s resolutions are centered on getting back in shape with a mobile microsite and social media campaign aimed at beginners. 

The company is hoping to onboard first timers with a month-long all-inclusive campaign in which a digital hub provides consumers with information about how to begin. Pure Barre is encouraging users on social media to spread the word through the hashtag #isurvivedpurebarre by posting pictures, videos and stories surrounding their first-time experience. 

?Many of our clients are busy and on the go, so we want to make sure the Web site is functional and beautiful, no matter what device our clients choose to use,? said Molly Cashman, director of marketing at Pure Barre Corporate. ?Social media is very important to the campaign as well. 

?Throughout the month, we will be using a variety of different mediums including video, live webinars, infographics, imagery and more to educate consumers about barre and its transformational benefits,? she said. ?Pure Barre is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.?

Barre is a form of workout inspired by ballet, featuring pilates-like exercises. 

Mobile fitness
The mobilized microsite focuses on giving first timers tools to start their Pure Barre experience and training program. The featured special, located at the top of the digital hub is connecting fitness enthusiasts with nearby studios participating in its $45 to $55 deal for two weeks of unlimited classes. 

Those who complete seven classes by Feb. 14 through the site will be entered for a chance to win a trip to Austin, TX. 

Pure Barre is compiling user-generated content from social media to heighten its pop-culture presence and give consumers more motivation. Photos from Instagram such as Pure Barre equipment and participants completing classes are inspiring fans to enter their own content on social media, hoping to become a part of the movement. 

Images with Pure Barre logos reading, ?I survived Pure Barre,? ?I rocked Pure Barre,? ?I got my seat handed to me? and ?I planked the full 90 seconds? are showcased on the site for users to share on their own social media pages. Buttons to connect to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are located underneath each image for seamless sharing. 

Mobile microsites
Microsites for campaigns such as Pure Barre?s are essential in connecting with consumers as they provide encompassing content, allowing every individual to access information interesting to him or her. 
For instance, Toyota developed a mobile-focused digital hub and campaign for the Special Olympics, for which the brand is a sponsor, in an attempt to touch consumers' hearts and create an authentic brand impression (see more). 

Also, Farmers Insurance is bumping up brand awareness by rolling out an omnichannel campaign containing Facebook carousel ads and a mobile-optimized site featuring consumers? most interesting claims stories (see more). 

?Learn to Barre Month is a national initiative focused on educating the general public about barre and its transformational benefits,? Ms. Cashman said. ?As the leader in the barre category, Pure Barre is aiming to show consumers how effective barre classes can be through its expert instructors and innovative, proprietary technique. 

?Pure Barre is promoting the barre industry this month by offering special pricing and rewards for new clients and an increased amount of complimentary educational workshops through its network of 350+ studios in the United States and Canada, allowing more people to understand and explore the burgeoning fitness technique,? she said. 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer