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Silk'n taps social followings of popular media brands

Hair removal tool brand Silk?n is partnering with Cosmopolitan and E! Online to leverage the media brands' Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter channels with content targeting the unique audience of each. 

Silk?n is tapping Cosmopolitan?s Discover channel on Snapchat with an advertising campaign that shows off the difference between shaving and using its products to emphasize its benefits. The brand is also tapping into E! Online?s large digital and social media following with pushes that focus heavily on images on Instagram and Twitter. 

"There are few things more personal than unwanted hair," said Jeff Hasen, co-founder of Gotta Mobilize. "While it is a problem our ancestors wrestled with, there are clearly new technologies to offer consumers. 

"And social networks are where to find these 'hairy' folks," he said. 

Sponsor Snapchat 
Snapchat users viewing Cosmo?s Discover channel will see ads appearing within its content from Silk?n that show off the legs of a customer who used to shave but now instead uses its products. Text placed upon footage of the woman?s smooth legs explains that she has not shaved in 72 days since using Silk?n. 

The video also displays its hashtag #formershaver, attempting to get social media users to post with the hashtag. 

Silk?n has also partnered with E! Online to provide readers with sponsored images that feature the same images as Cosmo?s sponsored Snapchat ads on its @EOnlineStyle Instagram and Twitter accounts. E!?s corresponding news division, E! News will also retweet the images for added exposure. 

The publication is inserting a mock cover page within its magazine issue that resembles the iconic Cosmo front page, but with Silk?n branding, followed by a full-page ad. 

Social media strategies 
Schick similarly promoted the latest incarnation of its Hydro razor by encouraging millennial males to interact with its Robot Razor character on social media and post their funniest irritations on Twitter for a chance to win a trip to San Diego Comic-Con and other prizes (see more). 

In another social media partnership, H&M took selfie booths to another level at this year?s Coachella festival with an interactive digital experience that not only makes a lasting impression on attendees for its recycling campaign, but also extended to social video (see more). 

"It creates all sorts of possibilities for interesting creative that can drive awareness and purchase," Mr. Hasen said.