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Ping Mobile launches mobile campaign to raise awareness for brain cancer

Ping Mobile's Isaac Naor will run in a triathlon with a mobile call-to-action on his t-shirt, which is meant to motivate respondents to donate money in support of brain cancer research.

Mr. Naor will compete in the 2009 Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon and his shirt will advertise the keyword, on both the front and back inviting triathlon viewers to text in. Respondents will be driven to Mr. Naor's Twitter micro-blog, which motivates viewers to visit and donate.

"The goal of this campaign is to help raise awareness for GBM, which is a form of a common and aggressive brain tumor, and to motivate Los Angeles locals to donate money towards GBM research in Dominic Ambriz's honor," said Shira Simmonds, president of Ping Mobile, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

"Ping Mobile is extremely proud of Isaac and fully supports his efforts to raise awareness and funds for research on GBM, and eventually find a cure for this devastating cancer," she said. "The Ping Mobile family encourages and supports our team to stand up for causes that touch them in both their personal and professional worlds and take action.

"Isaac exemplifies this motto and we are rooting for him in this upcoming triathlon."

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and most aggressive type of primary brain tumor in humans, accounting for 52 percent of all primary brain tumor cases and 20 percent of all intracranial tumors, according to Wikipedia.

Consumers that text in get a message back that says, "Thanks 4 Your interest! 4 info on GBM visit, or Follow the fight on .:Twitter:. @iCsYaCaLcE"

Consumers are then asked to double opt-in for breaking news on GBM and treatment. Also, respondents will get information on the BringIt campaign.

"The mobile call-to-action provided the simplest and most effective viral link between the general public and the purpose of this campaign -- to generate awareness and raise funds," Mr. Naor said. "It also supports simple and efficient maintenance of progress updates and aids in impulsively driving respondents to reach redefined donation goals."

Ms. Simmonds said that the challenge was to create awareness about this campaign and motivate people to donate to a worthy cause during tough economic times.

"Mobile is suitable for this campaign because it provides the ideal medium to combine all efforts in a direct, impulsive, permission-based and convenient fashion, while reaching the desired target demographic," Ms. Simmonds said.

"Most people watching the triathlon can text in right then and there and received an immediate response on GBM with information on how they can help," she said.

Mr. Naor is a two-time LA Triathlon veteran. His wife is a health care practitioner at Cedars Sinai, and she worked closely with Dominic Ambriz during his battle with cancer.

In the short time Mr. Noar new him, he had a profound impact on his life. He too was an amateur athlete competing in various events, and he and Mr. Naor were very close in age.

"When I realized the struggle he endured and the vigor with-which he fought the ultimate fight, I realized there would never be another excuse not to live life to the fullest or in the words of Dom, BringIt!," Mr. Naor said.

One month before the '08 LA Triathlon Mr. Ambriz was not in good shape" he fought and fought, and eventually, his GBM got the best of him.

At that point Mr. Naor knew he was racing for the both of them.

He realized he wanted to raise funds to help invoke awareness of the disease, and to insure others would not unnecessarily have to endure the same agony he and his family experienced.

"GBM is the most common and aggressive type of brain tumor in humans, accounting for half of all brain tumors," said Jeremy D. Rudnick, MD, Neuro-oncologist in the division of neurology and the department of neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

"The survival can range from months to a few years," Dr. Rudnick said. "It is critical to educate people about this type of cancer, and to fund research aimed at treating this devastating disease.

"It is wonderful to see a forward-thinking organization like Ping supporting one of its employees in his fight to educate the masses about the disease and raise funds to fight, and ultimately find a cure for brain tumors."