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Tylenol mobile campaign drives 3,000 app downloads

NEW YORK - Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer Healthcare drove discovery of its free branded "Tylenol PM Sleep Tracker" iPhone application with a mobile campaign on AdMob's ad network, according to a presentation at digiday:Apps.

The Tylenol application, which was created by Deutsch, is available as a free download in the App Store and is promoted with the tagline "See how beneficial a good night's sleep can be." A click-to-download banner ad campaign that ran across iPhone sites and applications drove close to 3,000 downloads and increased Tylenol's ranking in the App Store from No. 120 to 14, which in turn drove additional organic viral spread of the application.

"With tens of thousands of apps in the App Store, promotion is crucial to getting your app highly ranked, which is critical for discovery," said Tony Nethercutt, vice president of sales at AdMob. "Consumer discovery is difficult with 50,000 apps, so being ranked in the top 25 most popular apps in your category is critical to getting more downloads.

"Brands get a steady flow of organic distribution through placement in the App Store rankings," he said. "We can tell you the exact ROI you get in terms of the amount of apps downloaded directly from the ads served on our network, but there's also a halo effect, and ROI will continue to improve well after you've stopped spending.

"The Tylenol PM application is a highly successful brand extension to what they were already doing that provides utility to consumers, and advertising with AdMob effectively and affordably drove downloads of the app and increased its ranking."

AdMob has served mobile ads promoting iPhone applications from Bank of America, NBC Universal's "Bruno," Choice Hotels, Walt Disney's "G-Force," Ford Flex Photo Lab, Kraft iFood Assistant, Nissan Cube Party Round Up, Taco Bell Why Pay More Shaker, Target and Sherwin Williams ColorSnap.

An AdMob survey asking "How do you usually download apps from App Store?" found that 93 percent of consumers download applications using their iPhone, with only 7 percent using their computer.

AdMob also asked "How do you discover the apps you decide to download?"

Sixty-two percent were searching for a specific type of application, 60 percent were browsing through the top App Store rankings, 46 percent heard about the application via word of mouth, 20 percent see ads while using other applications and 19 percent discover applications from press stories or blog reviews.

Driving app downloads with mobile ads
The Tylenol brand of pain-relieving drugs is owned by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, an American pharmaceutical company and a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

The Tylenol PM Sleep Tracker iPhone application lets users track their sleep hours and moods, see their sleep history over time, add notes and customize their icons and get tips to help them sleep better.

Tylenol is promoting the application as part of its "Get Ready for Bed" campaign.

Tylenol PM Sleep Tracker ads across AdMob's network issued a call-to-action urging consumers to click through to the App Store to immediately download the application.

While specific click-through rates weren't revealed, AdMob claims its clients see conversion rates between 5 to 20 percent, with the average being closer to 10 percent.

While ranging between $0.15 and $15, brands' average cost-per-download directly from the click-to-iTunes mobile banner ads typically ranges between 1 and 2 dollars, according to AdMob.

"Those cost-per-download numbers are not counting viral downloads -- we cause an organic bump, which continues somewhat even after the ad campaign ends," Mr. Nethercutt said. "Ranking in the App Store is critical for discovery.

"Anything in top 25 is good, although our personal goal is to get you into the top ten," he said. "There are a few apps we've gotten to No. 1, which is obviously the best."