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Johnson & Johnson ads in What to Expect app see 3 percent CTR

Johnson & Johnson?s mobile ads for its Head-to-Toe baby lotion within the What to Expect iPhone application are seeing a 3 percent click-through-rate.

What To Expect is a spin-off of the famous ?What to Expect When You?re Expecting? book, which helps expecting parents. Johnson & Johnson?s baby lotion is the sponsor of the application, which is powered by Everyday Health.

?The application is advertiser supported, which allows us to offer it free to users,? said Vince Errico, senior vice president and general manager of, New York. ?Ads are getting roughly 3 percent click-through-rates ? which is significant.?

The application is meant to help expecting parents keep track of their baby?s development week-by-week. It stems from Heidi Murkoff?s ?What to Expect When You?re Expecting,? America?s pregnancy bible. 

The strategy of the application is to support the What to Expect brand goals of empowering women with information to make choices regarding their pregnancy whenever and wherever they are.  

The application?s users are a very specific demographic of consumers that are trying to conceive, currently pregnant or post pregnancy.

This presents a grand opportunity for brands targeting this demographic, such as Johnson & Johnson.

The banner ad asks people to click for more information on the Head-to-Toe lotion. The landing page describes the lotion as "gentle enough for a newborn?s skin" and places emphasis on the fact that it is Paraben free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. 

For What to Expect, the application is a marketing vehicle.

?It opens up an additional segment of the pregnancy and parenting audience to us,? Mr. Errico said. ?Mobile users tend to be younger, broader in terms of ethnic mix, and with iPhone in particular, early adopters or trendsetters." 

What to Expect has found that since the launch of its application, it is receiving 50 percent more registrations to its daily What to Expect email newsletter.  

?For an advertiser, it puts them squarely in the hands of the users when and where they are thinking about this topic,? Mr. Errico said. ?Being part of the iPhone App store is a great way to get additional exposure of the brand and more importantly, the information.?

To promote the application, What to Expect launched a Pregnancy Tracker sweepstakes.

Consumers were offered the chance to win a $100 gift card for their next iTunes purchase.

Starting Oct. 12, the first 1,000 people who downloaded the What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker iPhone application and submitted their receipt became eligible to win!

The majority of people looking for information about pregnancy are women, and roughly 80 percent of them are under the age of 35, according to Everyday Health.

Additionally, the majority of iPhone users fall into this age demographic. This demographic of young adults using iPhones ? who are always on the move and want their information at their fingertips whenever they need it.

?An app like this brings the brand to a more diverse audience and it sends the message to the existing loyal What to Expect audience that we're willing to be where they need us, in a more convenient and portable format,? Mr. Errico said.