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Sears finds practical side of IoT with connected home appliances

Sears is helping to make the Internet of Things more mainstream with several connected home appliances, including an air conditioner, water heater and ride-on lawn mower. 

Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard are Sears? brands that are launching connected products for users to have more control over their home appliances through mobile applications. Consumers will be able to interact with their Sears? appliances whether or not they are in their homes through a variety of mobile apps.

"The Internet of Things is core to our connected home strategy," said Tom Park, president of Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard brands at Sears. "All you need is a router and smart phone and you?ll be able to connect to our connected products. 

"Because we have these trusted brands, members can have confidence that these products are going to perform as they should," he said. "We are leveraging the Internet of Things to grow our brands as part of our transformation, making Sears the destination for connected home products." 

Mobile connectivity future
A large department store such as Sears bringing connected devices to consumers is another step in IoT?s potential takeover. Sears will be launching a series of products with connected capability, starting with the air conditioner, heating system and lawn mower. 

Kenmore?s Smart Room Air Conditioner features an updated design with the Kenmore AC app, which allows users to adjust the temperature of the air conditioning in their homes remotely, as well as while located in the home. Owners can turn it on or off, lower or raise the temperature and set a schedule. 

The brand?s new Smart Water Heater Module gives customers the ability to monitor air and alter their water usage and temperature through the separate mobile app, Kenmore Smart Control. Users can adjust the temperature setting through the app and see how much hot water is left. 

Craftsman has announced its wireless-enabled Zero Turn Steerable Riding Mowers, which connects through the Craftsman Connect app. The app notifies users when maintenance is needed on their mower such as needing the oil changed, air filter replacement, blade checks, wheel alignment and schedule maintenance.  

Craftsman's connected mower

The Craftsman Connect app also has a series of how-to videos when it comes to maintenance and step-by-step tutorials for scheduled change-outs such as replacing blades, air filters and oil. 

Also, DieHard is now selling a smart battery that allows owners to monitor battery health for motorcycles, boats and cars remotely through an app. 

Sears ramps up mobile
An executive from Sears at eTail East 2015 said that the department store plans to bring customer history information to its associates at bricks-and-mortar locations through the use of mobile technology so they can better assist shoppers (see more). 

"This is an opportunity for Sears to lead in the Connected Home space because we have the great brands, Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard, plus Sears Home Services and our Connected Solutions offering," Mr. Park said. "Our value proposition is significant, peace of mind, save money (through energy savings) and convenience."