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Meredith sees 13.5M monthly mobile page views for sites: exec

NEW YORK ? A Meredith executive at Mobile Marketer?s Mobile Marketing Summit: Holiday Focus 2011 said that the company's mobile sites garner 13.5 million monthly page views.

The ?Meredith: Reaching Women across New Devices and Leveraging Consumer Insights to Engage and Delight? session last week revealed the media giant's mobile sites ? which include Better Homes, Fitness and FamilyCircle ? comprised 7.8 percent of its total Web site traffic in the last three months.

?We?re deeply in the pathway of brining technology to our audience and engaging her in all of the touchpoints,? said Liz Schimel, chief digital officer of Meredith, New York.

?As we think about the approach, we are a consumer management company,? she said. ?It?s about the data and the insights and how do we optimize that insight and data.

?We think about behaviors, expectations and aspirations ? it?s very much about understanding our audience and how she interacts with our brands. We?ve spent a lot of time in the last year or so really deep diving in the role of mobile and tablet devices in her life.?

Mobile evolution
Ms. Schimel said the metrics and measurement is key in the company?s overall mobile strategy.

Meredith believes that its readers ? which consist of mostly females ? care about the utility and use their mobile device as a communication and info-seeking tool, while entertainment is a less frequent activity.

Additionally, Apple?s iPad plays an important role for the company.

According to Ms. Schimel, the iPad has become part of a reader?s daily life and serves as a multifunctional tool that makes life easier and more efficient.

?The iPad will be the device of the kitchen and the mobile phone will be the device that they?ll will take with them to go shopping,? Ms. Schimel said.

?With the iPad, we?re seeing a lot of usage in the kitchen ? she checks her email, manages her life and at the same time watches television or other media consumptions,? she said.

Apps specific
Apps play an important role for Meredith.

The publisher has a variety of apps for different niches such as baby names, pumpkin carvings, pregnancy essentials and fitness. 

Additionally, the company has optimized tablet apps for entertaining and cooking.

?The more specificly they appeal to the specific need, the more successful they are,? Ms. Schimel said. ?With tablets we?re seeing terrific uptake.?

Mobile advertisements
Ms. Schimel said that Meredith's mobile offerings also present a big opportunity for advertisers.

Meredith worked with Garnier Fructis, which ran mobile banner ads within the Fitness mobile app.

The campaign drove awareness of Garnier Fructis and Moisture Rescue through mobile activation.

Additionally, Kendall-Jackson advertised on the Better Homes iPad app as part of the 100 Days of Holidays initiative and showed readers which wine is best to pair with their turkey. 

?We have a lot more opportunities for our clients,? Ms. Schimel said. ?It changes how our sales people package the programs that we bring to marketers.?

Meredith's Ms. Schimel

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York