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Women?s magazine Cosmopolitan, Hearst Corporation?s most influential publication, will lead the move within the media giant to all-around mobile-optimized Web sites, aiming for a ?post-banner world? and an overall seamless process.

Featuring native advertising components among the content marketing platform, the renovations provide both the reader and editor with a streamlined way of communication. Cosmo editors believe they will be able to produce 20 percent more daily content given the change.

?The new site is cleaner and clearer and much more image based,? said Mark Brennan, head of mobile at OMD?s Manning Gottlieb, London. ?The old mobile site tried to retrofit the online experience on a smaller screen. 

?This meant compressed pictures, and two columns of information,? he said. ?This new design is much more designed for thumbs. Bold images and large fonts occupy the screen. This approach means content is easily accessible, and people will consume more content and hopefully spend more time with Cosmo.?

Mr. Brennan is not affiliated with Hearst but agreed to speak as an industry expert.

Hearst did not respond by press deadline.

The next steps
On the modernized site, viewers will be met with breaking news, a video banner and an endless scroll containing articles and advertisements. Traditional search and menu bars are visible along the header of the site.

The adoption of native advertising techniques on allows for non-disruptive ads as they blend in with the editorial content and are no longer an interruption for the reader. Pop-up ads were a constant distraction prior to the renovation. 

A Dove ad follows a celebrity feature article, and viewers can click on the ad or continue to scroll to the next story. is promoting the innovations using hashtag #CosmoRelaunch.

The platform was designed by creative digital agency Code and Theory. The two groups announced their partnership in May, and have been since working towards a complete renovation involving all Hearst publications.

Hearst will continue to evolve each of its 18 publications through the digital renovation during the next year. will be the next publication site to be remodeled. 

Mobile first
Several media players have made the switch to mobile-optimized platforms. One of them is Sports Illustrated.

Featuring clutter-free information and a focus on graphics and social connectivity, Sports Illustrated?s mobile-optimized site places information that is popular among mobile users, such as scores, front and center for quick and easy consumption. 

Among the variety of verticals implemented at Sports Illustrated over the last few months, editors of the magazine will contribute to its digital version, unifying the production and placement of content on the site. The responsive Web design eases the work of Sports Illustrated?s editors, simplifying the process of updating news coverage and reports for ultimately quick delivery to viewers (see story).  

Also, WNYC, one of the oldest U.S. public-radio stations, launched a digital, mobile and social media-driven campaign that includes buying ads through a mobile network that reaches 170 million monthly unique users on more than 60,000 applications. 

WNYC turned to targeted mobile display advertising to attract the new listeners that are its lifeblood and who increasingly consume its programs in their own time. The move shows how mobile is being used to help public radio stations at a time of funding constraints and tight advertising budgets in an era when radio listeners control their media choices through podcasts (see story).

Experts agree the move will take Cosmopolitan mobile readership to the next level.

?Mobile users are not the same as desktop,? Mr. Brennan said. ?They are less patient and want things immediately. Optimizing content for the user context through mindset, environment and location is paramount in order to keep their interest and get more of their time.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York