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Zendaya exemplifies how apps are becoming the new celebrity blog

Actress and lifestyle blogger Zendaya is the latest example of a celebrity launching a brand application with shopping and live video, as mobile technology gives them the tools to become publishers themselves.

The app comes with a variety of content, including videos and personal posts. Additionally, consumers will be able to purchase Zendaya?s clothing line through the app.

?Zendaya is blending content and commerce like never before. Zendaya: The App is the exclusive mobile shopping destination for her revolutionary, highly acclaimed direct-to-consumer celebrity fashion line, Daya by Zendaya,? a spokesperson said. ?From flattering silhouettes to classic yet contemporary pieces to sophisticated streetwear, Daya by Zendaya provides versatility for work and play. 

?The women's collection celebrates gender fluidity and elegant androgyny with transitional, unisex pieces and embraces all body types.?

Celebrity app
Zendaya is a popular actress known primarily for her role on the Disney Channel television show, K. C. Undercover, a spy comedy.

But outside of her work on telelvision, Zendaya has been branching out to become a multifaceted lifestyle brand with her own clothing line as well as tips and tricks to live like she does.

In the old days, a celebrity who wanted to continue this kind of activity would create a blog, such as Gwyneth Paltrow?s for example. Zendaya is choosing an approach that is a bit more modern.

Zendaya is now releasing Zendaya: The App.

This app is an attempt to give consumers a quick and seamless way to peek behind the curtain of Zendaya?s life and see some of the typical things you might see on a celebrity blog but in the form of an app.

For example, consumers can see videos from Zendaya?s life, read blog posts by her and most importantly, shop for items from Daya by Zendaya, the actress? clothing line.

Those who subscribe to the app will also get to listen to a radio station of all music and content curated by Zendaya herself.

Celebrity connection
The app promises to make a direct, unfiltered connection between Zendaya and her fans, giving them unparalleled access to her in her daily life.

While in the past, celebrity blogs have been the most popular form of interaction between fan and celebrity, it is becoming clear that mobile apps can be a powerful replacement.

The Zendaya app is a powerful statement of what kind of content consumers are willing to engage with and a testament to the power of a strong brand.

The Zendaya app floats almost entirely on the brand recognition and goodwill of its star, relying on her starpower to continue engagement.

While this is certainly an interesting experiment, it remains to be seen if it has the lasting power that a more traditional app might have for larger audiences or if it remains the sole denomination of Zendaya?s superfans.