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Seventeen Magazine partners with Glam app for exclusive mobile looks

Seventeen Magazine is working with the Glam mobile application to bring a number of exclusive makeup looks to its mobile readers and customers.

The campaign will focus on looks for Prom 2017, with a variety of styles available to appeal to the most amount of teenage girls who make up the magazine?s primary readership. The campaign also taps into mobile in a unique way to capture the young audience, who are the most mobile-savvy generation yet.

"We are so excited to collaborate with an iconic brand like Seventeen to bring beauty and fashion together in an innovative and accessible way," says Cara Santana, CEO of the Glam app. 

Glam app
Teen magazines are in an enviable position in that their primary audience is the youngest generation, who tend to be the most up to date when it comes to the latest technology.

Today, that translates to Gen Z, who have grown up with mobile and for many it is their primary window into the digital world.

Investing in the mobile assets is one of the best ways to target younger consumers, and Seventeen Magazine is in a perfect position to make use of those assets.

The magazine is unveiling a new campaign to target young consumers as prom season approaches.

Seventeen Magazine is partnering with the Glam app, a mobile app that provides beauty tips and styles and provides consumers with the ability to request stylists to come to their homes and help them with their makeup and style choices.

The partnership will see stylists from Glam and Seventeen coming up with four new styles and looks for the app.

All four of these styles will be geared towards a Prom 2017 theme. The looks are "Up Do You," "Braided Blushing Babe," "Deep Lip/Deep Side Part" and "Hippie Glam."

Additionally, some of the notable designers who will be participating include Mac Duggal, Camille La Vie, Blush, Rachel Allan, Jovani, Envious Couture by Karishma and Val Stefani.

These looks can be ordered through the Glam app, with a discount for Seventeen Magazine readers.

Gen Z
The partnership between Glam and Seventeen shows that marketers are clearly beginning to steer their ad dollars towards younger generations.

Where as a few years ago, smartphones were the domain of college-aged people or adults, now mobile penetration has reached Generation Z, with many being raised with mobile as their first digital device.

This means that marketers and brands need to shift their focus to include younger consumers who are as susceptible to mobile campaigns ? if not more ? than their older counterparts.

Glam app users can order different looks and styles through the app

This strategy is viable, as studies have found that publications with a higher number of millennial and Gen Z readers have higher mobile engagement numbers (see story).

This partnership represents a shift from Seventeen?s previous strategy of working on its own mobile app, to working with third-party apps (see story).

"Prom is such a significant part of a girl's life, and we are honored to provide the insight to help them look and feel their best on this most special day," Ms. Santana said.