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Smile Train makes holiday grouches smile with humorous holiday carols

Nonprofit Smile Train sends up holiday carols in a series of humorous, shareable mobile videos designed to bring out the giving spirit in holiday grumps. 

The Grouchy Carols campaign comprises a mobile-optimized site where users can scroll through six different videos and share one with someone who may not be feeling in the holiday spirit. The campaign is also being promoted on social media as the nonprofit gears up to drive fundraising during the holiday season. 

?The campaign provides a stellar mobile experience,? says Shuli Lowy, marketing director for mobile at Ping Mobile. 

?From a creative standpoint, the landing page features appealing imagery, consistent color schemes, and simple text,? she said. ?An aesthetically pleasing landing page is an important step towards getting consumers to read further. 

?From a UX standpoint, the page features a scrollable flow, an intuitive layout, customizable features and easy social sharing tools.?

Keep it short
The videos are short remakes of popular holiday carols, each one highlighting a different element of the holidays that is disliked by some and performed in piano lounge style. 

The Unwelcome Entertaining video depicts the stresses of holiday entertaining to the tune of Jingle Bells while We Wish for No Travel outlines the difficulties of holiday travel to the tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. 

The other videos are 12 Days of Shopping, Deck The ?Gram, Oh No No Office Party and Grouchy New Year, which does not unlock until Dec. 26. 

?Each of the carols is short and sweet,? Ms. Lowy said. ?Short videos tend to perform better on social media; consumers are more likely to complete and share them. 

?Marketers posting videos on social media should aim to keep videos at the 30-second mark, and definitely not more than one minute,? she said. 

Easy sharing
At the end of each video, the singer urges viewers to donate to Smile Train to get their own smile back during the holidays. 

Users can choose a video to send to someone via email or social media and include either a custom or default message. Senders can choose to either donate and share a video or simply share a video by tapping on one of two different buttons. 

By offering the short, entertaining and relevant videos on mobile along with easy sharing tools, Smile Train is likely to get its message in front of a wide range of consumers and help drive it end-of-year fundraising efforts. 

?The sharing tool makes it easy for consumers to share carols on the channel of their choice ? either on Facebook, Twitter or email,? Ms. Lowy said. ?Each person interacting with the campaign may have a different social channel of choice. 

?The same may go for the intended recipient of the carol,? she said. ?Offering consumers the ability to choose the channel which is most suitable for them ensures that the campaign can have a broader reach. 

?When encouraging consumers to share something it is important to make sure it?s on terms that make them feel most comfortable.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York