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Red channels Kanye West with 11 Instagram-Famous dogs

In support of its Shopathon Red holiday promotion, AIDS-awareness brand Red has provided us with the music video we did not know we needed: a parody of Kanye West?s controversial music video for Famous, starring exclusively dogs.

And fret not, those unswayed by the mere inclusion of dogs: these are Instagram famous dogs, including the likes of @TunaMeltsMyHeart, @MuppetsRevenge, and @Reese. If not for a few dogs? eagerness for the camera, the spot is a near-tableau-vivant, a commentary on canine fame, and an effective reach at virality for a more than worthy cause: awareness and treatment of HIV and AIDS in Africa.

"The video was a collaboration between Red, our content partner Vice, and ten of the most-loved Instagram dogs," said Deborah Dugan, CEO of Red. "We landed on the idea of using ?famous? dogs to re-create a parody of Kanye?s iconic ?Famous? video, but replacing the waxwork figures with very cute dogs. 

'The video was made to raise awareness around the AIDS fight through content which people love and want to share."

Red?s music video is available to watch now on its mobile-optimized YouTube channel. 

The video is actually in support of a specific branch of Red?s Shopathon Red holiday promotion, which involves partnerships with brands such as Gap and Pour Les Femmes, and with celebrities such as James Corden and DJ Khaled, all to raise money for efforts to alleviate and eventually eradicate HIV and AIDS.

The ?Instagram-Famous? spot was produced to promote Red?s partnership with BedHead Pajamas, which is selling a limited-edition Bed dog pajama to support Red?s fight against AIDS. 

The d(og)ramatis personae of "Instagram-Famous"

The video, which employs the same shadowy hyper-verité camerawork as Mr. West?s brilliant source material, features the Instagram famous dogs?some of whom have close to 2 million followers on the platform?wearing the limited edition pajamas.

The final shot of the video pans out on the dogs lying completely still, mirroring one of the last shots of the original work, which itself was inspired by painter Vincent Desiderio?s hyperrealist work Sleep.

Charity on mobile
Brands have been trying to facilitate charitable giving through the mobile platform for some time now, ramping up efforts in concordance with the altruistic atmosphere of the holiday season. Japanese car manufacturer Subaru is tying in its holiday sales quotient with a charitable cause in a new campaign which pairs four intimate digital video spots with a themed Snapchat engagement (see story).

And the American Red Cross' newest mobile application, Hero Care, aims to connect military service members with their families and vice versa, showcasing mobile?s unique abilities as the most ubiquitous digital channel (see story).

"Keeping a keen eye on great content is critical," Ms. Dugan said. "Creating heat and awareness around the AIDS fight is one of the goals of Red?we have to keep this disease high on the public agenda, and we always aim to use inspiring, creative and sharable content in our campaigns to spark people?s imaginations and get them thinking about the many ways they can be Red, shop Red and help save lives."