Mobile Marketer has re-launched! Click here to learn more! opens door to mobile-savvy millennials with site redesign, new campaign

Move Inc.?s is unrolling a new graphic identity for its Web site and mobile applications, and is tapping Hollywood actress and director Elizabeth Banks to represent the brand in a series of mobile-optimized Web videos in a bid to reach more on-the-go consumers.

The campaign reflects the real estate industry?s growing focus on mobile, as customers increasingly turn to their smartphones and tablet devices for browsing potential new homes and uploading personal reviews, photos and videos. new look showcases a two-tone logotype highlighting the word ?real? in red lettering, showing consumers its dedication to delivering accurate listings and connecting buyers with the tools and professional opinions they need to make an informed purchase decision.

?Mobile is a consistently growing platform for us: our mobile visits were up more than 71 percent in the first quarter, and engagement across our mobile apps and mdot site continues to outpace desktop,? said Andrew Strickman, head of brand and chief creative at Move Inc., San Jose, CA.

Ramping up advertising is implementing the new graphic look on all of its Web site and mobile app platforms, as well as its advertising materials. The focus on the word ?real? found in ?realtor? is designed to communicate to consumers that while some industry competitors may offer conflicting or false information, is committed to accurate listings and providing the necessary data and tools for users to find their ideal home with.

?Red is a powerful color that has long been used to drive consumer engagement and action,? Mr. Strickman said. ?The color really pops in the mobile experience and we are excited to watch consumers respond in the coming weeks.?

When users visit the mobile site, they will experience a streamlined look that highlights simplicity and ease in browsing for homes. Customers can search their desired areas for homes for sale, rent or previously sold establishments.

Meanwhile, the app aims to refresh 90 percent of listings every 15 minutes to ensure that potential clients see the newest inventory possible. The new widget for iOS 8 users provides them with the newest listings based on saved search criteria. focus on ?real? values is at the heart of the marketer?s new advertising campaign, which features Ms. Banks, who stars in blockbuster films The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect, in several 15 and 30-second long television spots as well as longer-form Web videos, which will be able to be viewed on mobile once they are released.

In the campaign materials, Ms. Banks plays a real estate-obsessed version of herself. decision to leverage the talent of a Hollywood actress speaks to the marketer?s desire to market to more millennials and entertainment-savvy consumers.

Real estate and mobile
More real estate brands are tapping mobile to help ensure wider audience outreach, as consumers demand listings they can easily share with spouses, partners and family members. 

Several marketers are also rolling out options that enable users to send in-app texts to agents, and even upload personal anecdotes or photos of their own homes, if they are in the process of selling.

A Coldwell Banker executive at the sixth annual Mobile Marketing Day revealed that the real estate brand?s mobile sites and applications function as an optimal sharing medium for its buyers, sellers and agents by allowing for personal anecdotes, videos and photos that augment the sales process (see story).

?There will be an ongoing social component to the campaign, including specific promotion and campaigns around the Web series, as well as promotions aligned with certain TV spots,? Mr. Strickman said.