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Aerie unzips breast cancer awareness for millennials via mobile-optimized quiz

American Eagle Outfitters? Aerie brand is partnering with breast and ovarian health organization Bright Pink to introduce a mobile-optimized hub featuring educational materials and a quiz for assessing consumers? cancer risks.

The partnership?s retail component includes the sale of limited-run products? 100 percent of which will be donated to Bright Pink? from September 30 to October 19. Customers can access the sales through the campaign?s mobile-optimized hub, where they can also access an interactive quiz that educates them on various risk factors for ovarian and breast cancer.

?Today?s consumers ? especially millennials and Generation Z shoppers ? are extremely passionate about driving change and supporting charitable causes,? said Christine Cline, vice president of marketing at Retale.

?They also expect these same values and priorities in the brands they engage with and buy from," she said. "In fact, a survey by Morning Consult for Fortune revealed that younger consumers are more inclined to say they would buy products from a company that contributes to charity, or to recommend that business to a friend.

?In participating in this project with Bright Pink, American Eagle and Aerie are showing younger audiences, a core focus for its businesses, that it knows what?s important to them.?

Partnering for awareness
The campaign?s microsite features links to the Bright Pink Web site, which contains a bevy of resources concerning breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education. 

The Bright Pink Web site also hosts information on fundraising for breast and ovarian cancer awareness, community events and educational materials on understanding cancer risk through collecting family medical histories and proper protocol during doctor visits.

Perhaps the most engaging form of outreach coming out of the partnership is the mobile-optimized quiz, hosted by Bright Pink, that helps users to calibrate their risk for breast and ovarian cancers. By answering questions concerning medical history, physical activity level and alcohol consumption among other metrics, users can see if they are at average, increased or high risk of both cancers.

The campaign is anchored by the hashtag #aeriesupports, and users are invited to Tweet at Aerie through a link on the campaign?s landing page. Aerie also hosted a takeover of its Instagram Story by Bright Pink on Friday.

The campaign, which is fully mobile-optimized on all digital fronts, is quite shrewd in its targeting of the young women for whom breast and ovarian cancer awareness and prevention is of the utmost importance. The most engaging aspects of the awareness campaign? the quiz and the video on the campaign?s hub? are all easily accessible to mobile-savvy millennials.

Passion projects
Cancer awareness is a common passion project for brands, the prevalence of the disease making it likely that it affects the lives of employees, consumers and their families.

Beauty retailer L?Oreal contributed to cancer awareness through a campaign spearheaded by its skincare brand La Roche-Posay, which included a patch applied to the skin that paired with an app which allowed users to track when to apply sunscreen (see story).

During last year?s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BET urged African-American women to self-examine for breast cancer with the provocative? and intentionally misleading? hashtag, #WhereDoYouDoIt (see story).

?For Aerie and American Eagle, who typically market to a younger audience, mobile is the go-to screen for customers,? Ms. Cline said. ?It?s the best possible channel to reach them.?

?But for any brand, mobile needs to be a major part of all tentpole marketing activations. Simply put: it?s the first-screen for most shoppers today, regardless of age.?