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Nokia attempts a comeback, but is the mobile landscape too crowded?

Nokia, a formerly dominant brand that has fallen behind other manufacturers, is attempting to make a comeback to the world of smartphones though it may encounter walls in the form of Apple and Samsung.

The brand is most famously known for its line of small phones that were popular in the mid 2000s, before smartphones came to the fore. Now, the brand is coming back with a new Android phone, hoping to challenge the big names in the market.

"We will be completely focused on creating a unified range of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, which we know will resonate with consumers,? said Arto Nummela, CEO-designate of HMD. ?Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centered on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing. 

?We will work with world class providers in manufacturing and distribution to move quickly and deliver what customers want."

New Nokia
Nokia as a brand was once one of the dominant names in the world of mobile phones. It was known most for its small, flat front phones.

These phones were cheap and functional and notoriously sturdy (for which they have been the focus of Internet memes for years). 

But as the iPhone took off followed by Android phones, Nokia was left behind and its phones fell out of favor.

Now, however, the brand is attempting a comeback with its first Android phone in a market saturated with big name players such as Apple and Samsung.

Its new phones will run on Android, one of the most popular of smartphone operating systems.

The phones will be produced with the help of FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn.

Cut-throat landscape
Nokia is entering a viciously competitive market where some of the biggest names in tech loom largely. 

Nokia is coming up against Apple, Google and Samsung, as well as a variety of other smaller companies that all have established footholds in the smartphone market.

Nokia does have some brand recognition as well as some leftover fondness or nostalgia for its reliable phones of the past, which was the introduction to mobile phones for many users.

Nokia also has a few windows into the smartphone market. Each of the big three ? Apple, Samsung and Google ? have a weakspots where Nokia could squeeze through.

Google is introducing its first phone with Pixel and while the company has the confidence of many consumers, it is still new to the smartphone world.

Apple will be the most difficult to navigate around as the tech giant has a veritable stranglehold on the smartphone world. Recent changes to the new iPhone, such as the lack of a headphone jack, may give  divestment of users over to Nokia if it can convince them to change.

"We are looking forward to fostering a strong and long-term collaboration with HMD global and Nokia,? said Vincent Tong, Chairman of FIH. ?We are impressed by the experience and expertise of the HMD management team and are committed to supporting them with our manufacturing, technology and supply chain capabilities, to capture market opportunities together in the future."