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AOL launches suite of resources and brand partners for app developers

AOL is continuing its shift towards mobile with the release of a new platform for mobile application developers that provides them with a comprehensive suite of capabilities related to marketing, inventory, ad buying and more.

The new platform is called ONE by AOL: Mobile. The platform is designed to help app developers get the word about their app and to make them more usable, all while giving them access to a deep pool of resources.

?Developers want premium demand, combined with greater buyer-level insight and control, delivered in a flexible, easy-to-use, streamlined platform," said Matt Gillis, senior vice president of publisher platforms at AOL. "With today?s launch of self-serve availability for ONE by AOL: Mobile, we're empowering mobile publishers and app developers around the globe to make the right decisions for their own brands in a powerful, low friction environment."

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In the modern mobile world, it is more important than ever that marketer and brands have access to the latest and greatest when it comes to mobile optimization.

Multiple studies have shown that having a strong mobile presence is they key to reaching and engaging with the majority of modern consumers.

AOL has heard that call and has responded by unveiling ONE by AOL: Mobile, a suite of app developing resources for developers to use as they design, build and promote their mobile applications.

The main focus of the platform is for app developers to be able to monetize their apps. This can be achieved through a few main tent pole abilities that ONE by AOL: Mobile provides.

Chiefly, developers who sign up for this platform will be able to easily partner with almost 100 top brands straight through the AOL platform, saving many headaches from trying to keep many different brands with different partnership formats separate.

?Many app developers rely on more than 15 different monetization platforms and SDKs,? added Gillis. ?Managing and integrating all of these technologies into their apps is time-consuming and resource-intensive. With ONE by AOL: Mobile, plus our innovative new self-serve features, we are delivering a comprehensive solution for monetization built for mobile workflows that makes it easier to work with partners and streamline the process. ?

The platform is a part of AOL?s larger strategy to shift more towards mobile and towards providing platforms for other technology initiatives, rather than focusing on their own.

This strategy may prove effective for AOL in the long run, especially considering the success it has had with similar efforts in recent months.

For example, AOL recently launched its own live streaming studio called Build Studio in New York (see story).

This studio will live stream conversations and panels with influencers and guests from around the world.

Now, AOL is trying something similar by letting app developers have access to its stable of brand partners as they try to monetize their app.

If the program is successful, AOL may shift even more towards offering similar opportunities for other tech initiatives.

?Supporting a successful mobile game requires a strong monetization strategy while maintaining a superior player experience,? said Kelly Kang, senior manager of ad monetization at Glu. "A robust, self-serve platform that streamlines the process while helping to maintain that trusted experience is critical and ONE by AOL: Mobile helps us do just that.?