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Groupon?s new ad campaign targets millennials through digital content outlets

Groupon?s latest advertising campaign, aimed at ?working millennials and traditional power users,? is getting at the cohorts where they reside, launching creative on online content outlets such as YouTube, Hulu and Crackle. 

The campaign looks to parlay the success of a strong 2016, which was the company?s biggest year for customer growth in four years that were marked by doubts about the company?s business model. The ads, which use the tagline ?Save Up to $100 a Week on What You Do Every Day,? emphasize how Groupon can play an integral part of consumers? daily routines. 

?In addition to popular video platforms, we?ll share the online videos to our audiences on Facebook and Instagram, where we can target millennials and supermoms,? said Nicholas Halliwell, public relations at Groupon.

Priming for a comeback
Groupon is acknowledging the significance of cord-cutting among the millennial audience it is trying to reach, and is posting campaign content on some of the most high-profile digital content outlets that entertain ads. 

To reach another key demographic, Groupon has bought some space on traditional media channels such as E!, Freeform, Food Network, MTV, TBS and other channels popular with ?supermoms.? The 15-to-30 second campaign spots will also run during popular programs across many demographics, including The Bachelor and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The campaign's slogan

While many analysts could scratch their heads at the conflation of the two seemingly distinct demographics Groupon is paying attention to, the company has found that the two have much more in common than meets the eye. 

?We have content that appeals to both audiences, which are actually not all that different,? Mr. Halliwell said. ?Working millennials possess increasing buying power in-line with our traditional supermom demographic, and both groups closely align on buying behavior. 

?And today?s working millennials will become tomorrow?s supermoms.?

Multimillion dollar campaign
The campaign, created by Groupon?s agency of record O?Keefe Reinhard & Paul, features a busy young professional in its first spot, who uses Groupon after a long day at the office to find food and experiences in her neighborhood. The second TV spot showcases a millennial woman who uses Groupon on a day for herself, ranging from spa visit to getting her haircut.

All spots were premiered on Groupon?s YouTube channel. 

Groupon's content is designed to appeal to millennials and "supermoms" alike

The company has struggled as its original business model lost its luster over the past few years, and recent innovations, such as the debut of its Groupon To Go food delivery service, have put it in direct competition with giants in the form of apps such as Seamless (see story). 

If it wants to succeed in ecommerce, Groupon will have to take a page out of the Walmart playbook, which recently forced Amazon to lower its free shipping threshold after the former?s stalwart 2016 in online and mobile commerce (see story). 

?(Having a presence on mobile) is extremely important as shoppers continue to rely more heavily on their mobile devices,? Mr. Halliwell said. ?Groupon is a mobile leader with 145 million app downloads, and 60 percent of our transactions occur through mobile devices.?