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Atlanta Hawks and Lime-A-Rita partner for female-focused sports campaigns

The Atlanta Hawks and Lime-A-Rita are partnering up for a new Hawks-inspired clothing line that will be promoted through a social media campaign.

The clothing line, made for women and featuring a combination of athletic and leisure wear, is called shegotgame. The line is a part of Lime-A-Rita?s THIS IS MY JAM multi-media campaign which contains a multitude of promotions, partnerships and products.

"The Atlanta Hawks are excited to partner with Lime-A-Rita in introducing the shegotgame collection,? said Pete Thuresson, senior vice president of corporate partnerships for the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. ?We think it aligns perfectly with how we approach creating unique game experiences and touch points that are reflective of our fan." 

My jam
The Hawks and Lime-A-Rita?s newest partnership campaign is taking the form of a new clothing line for women called shegotgame that is inspired by both the Hawks and Lime-A-Rita and seeks to provide women with line of athleisure clothing ranging from leggings and sports bras to bomber jackets and body suits.

This line will be designed by NBA stylist and designer Megan Ann Wilson.

The collection is a part of Lime-A-Rita?s larger THIS IS MY JAM initiative, which is a series of campaigns meant to connect women deeper with the sports teams they love. 

Sports teams are no stranger to merchandising and many make large sums of money off of jerseys, pennants and all sorts of other branded paraphernalia.

What is often missing from much of that merchandise is products that appeal to women and are stylish and wearable.

Part of the shegotgame line

Lime-A-Rita aims to fix that by partnering with various sports teams to produce merchandise and campaigns that appeal to women who want to show pride in their sports team but do not want to wear an oversized jersey or plain cap. 

One-time events
THIS IS MY JAM also seeks to create unique one-time experiences for women at sporting events through giveaways and promotions at stadiums.

Lime-A-Rita will be offering a sweepstakes in customers at select stores for the chance to win a ticket to the NBA championships in 2017.

Customers are encouraged to share the campaign on social media and talk about using the promoted hashtag #MyJam.

The campaign is designed to appeal to women

The hashtag will collect user-generated content related to the campaign, specifically GIFs created through a THIS IS MY JAM GIF booth at the Philips Arena where the Atlanta Hawks play.

Both the Hawks and Lime-A-Rita are counting on the power that user-generated content and promoted social campaigns can have to drive awareness for unique marketing experiences like the one offered through THIS IS MY JAM.

"Collaborations like 'THIS IS MY JAM' help us to provide more customized and authentic audience engagement that extends from game night to well outside of the arena," Mr. Thuresson said.