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Tough Mudder attempts to expand brand reach with digital content

Sky Sports? Mix property will give viewers an in-depth look into all the action from the 2016 World?s Toughest Mudder, the company?s 24-hour extreme endurance race in which participants and teams compete to be named the World?s Toughest Mudder Champion. The partnership will produce a dedicated series on traditional media, and granular digital content will be deployed to supplement it. 

?With multiplatform engagement being a primary focus of our content strategy, Tough Mudder is able to reach a global audience on nearly every platform and screen in an authentic and engaging way,? said Jesse senior vice president of content marketing at Tough Mudder, Inc. ?One example of how Tough Mudder successfully leveraged live streaming was at World's Toughest Mudder, a grueling 24 hour endurance event. 

?Tough Mudder set live streaming viewership records for obstacle course racing events. The World's Toughest Mudder's live stream had more than 3.6 million views in over 200 countries on, the World's Toughest Mudder app and Facebook Live in the 24-hour span, with live stream alone reaching nearly 1 million viewers.?

Content partnership
The traditional offering will focus on a multi-episode series centered around World?s Toughest Mudder 2016, including pre-event and post-event episodes with top competitors. Sky will also broadcast an original content television series from Sky and Tough Mudder, developed specifically to reach Sky?s audience in the UK. 

The series will focus on UK athletes and their experience taking on Tough Mudder events, from a Tough Mudder Half to the first-ever Europe?s Toughest Mudder. 

The partnership?s main digital product will be a six-part series that will feature five short digital episodes and a one-hour special airing later in 2017. The series will focus on three athletes and their journeys to overcome personal challenges while coming together with the single purpose to complete a Tough Mudder.

?Through some of our most recent multimedia deals with Sky Sports, CBS Sports and The CW, as well as across social platforms, we have been able to reach millions of people and an even greater millennial demographic than ever before,? Mr. Bull said. ?Our content across digital and broadcast channels has given us the opportunity to reach not only a younger demographic of millennials, but also a more diverse audience.?

Lifestyle brand
It is important for lifestyle brands?and really, any brand selling experience rather than product?to have a strong multichannel presence, with special attention paid to its digital offerings. Luxury fitness brand Equinox abided by is following up its well-publicized and controversial Commit to Something campaign with a new iteration under the same banner, which re-envisions its ethos while also betting heavily on social (see story). 

And Booming athletic wear company Under Armour is looking to social and digital avenues to try and convince consumers of a new chapter in the brand?s history, with the brand?s new aggressive approach on display in the marketing campaign for its Curry 3 (see story). 

?It's critical for any brand to be authentically engaging with consumers on the right platforms and at the right time, while showing content that is relevant and engaging,? Mr. Bull said. ?We know that more and more people consume information from their mobile phones and tablets, so having content that is optimized to be viewed from those devices is imperative for any brand's content and marketing strategy. 

?For example, in 2016 and 2017 Tough Mudder put a huge emphasis on tapping into social media?s video ecosystem to further grow the brand beyond just a niche sports offering,? he said. ?In less than a year, this content strategy has driven significant engagement across a wide swath of platforms as we leverage our events, fitness & training expertise and community to create engaging content. 

?It has been instrumental in enabling us to continue pivoting into an active lifestyle brand.?