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AT&T exec: Big data enables customer-first predictive strategies for omnichannel

NEW YORK ? An AT&T executive at Forrester?s CXNYC 2016 said that the company is heavily focused on mining big data as it thinks about targeting multi-device users and ways to predict and be proactive with customers.

During the session, ?How to Upgrade CX Measurement Programs," the executive discussed AT&T?s efforts to roll out omnichannel bundle packages, which are experiencing rising customer demand. The company?s overarching goal is to change the way consumers live, work and play by delivering premium and mobilized entertainment options.

?There are 15 different domains of data, and inside those domains, a total of 1,100 different attributions,? said Vicki Jones, senior vice president at AT&T Entertainment Group - Support, AT&T Services, Inc. ?Once we get access to those, we will be able to start to provide insight to the business that is unlike anything we?ve ever done before.?

Redefining customer experiences
Per Ms. Jones, AT&T generates more than $100 billion in total revenue across its three businesses ? television, mobility and Internet. The carrier network, which considers itself a disrupter in the digital space, is wholly focused upon providing customers with seamless omnichannel experiences.

?Our promise in bringing these three entities together is to deliver a premium and mobilized entertainment experience,? Ms. Jones said. ?We fundamentally want to change the way people live, work and play.?

AT&T has found that many consumers prefer to access entertainment options across a plethora of devices. For example, an individual may begin watching a television show on his laptop at home before switching to mobile during his commute to work the next morning.

Constant connectivity has become of paramount importance to today?s consumers, most of whom cannot function without their omnipresent mobile devices.

?How do you even function if you?re not connected?? Ms. Jones said.

This has prompted the network to offer more bundle packages.

?Customers, when they look at how they want to consume and purchase these [entertainment] services, really do want a bundle,? Ms. Jones said. ?They also want to be served across their lifecycle with us in a way that feels integrated and simple.?

Future data-driven roadmaps
AT&T is seeking to transform customer experiences by making them simple from the onset, simplifying billing processes, delivering content reliably and recovering from issues quickly, promoting friendly interactions with representatives and recognizing and rewarding loyalty.

?The way our roadmap is shaping up is that we on the CX team are choosing the technology and unifying it across the ecosystem of the three companies,? Ms. Jones said.

Leveraging small and big data is one way that the carrier network is ramping up its future omnichannel efforts.

Collecting big data from all three company entities will enable AT&T to consider the multi-product user and the experiences he or she needs. This will also allow the brand to have more ability to predict customer behavior and be more proactive in rolling out useful services.

?We continue to build on some of the omnichannel capabilities,? Ms. Jones said. ?We are definitely playing in the long game, without a doubt.?