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T-Mobile offers the chance to be retweeted by Justin Bieber

The promotional video also features cameos from New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens, both of whom have received a fair amount of attention for their touchdown celebrations. And with millennials increasingly watching the Super Bowl for the ads over the game, Justin Bieber ? a darling among teenage girls ? suddenly becomes an appealing brand ambassador for the game?s viewers.

?Television, especially Super Bowl television, is arguably the most important media event of the year and ideal for cutting through the clutter,? said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. ?People flock to the Super Bowl and the ads. 

?T-Mobile?s commercial is perfect,? he said. ?It is relevant, entertaining and calls people to act and get involved, to share their moves and join Justin. 

?This program will assuredly increase the awareness of T-Mobile?s new unlimited data plan.?

Interested social media users can respond to the ad ? named #UnlimitedMoves, after the campaign ? with their own touchdown dances, accompanied by the campaign?s hashtag, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Why the ?unlimited? schtick? According to a press release, it is to ?call attention to the fact that celebrations shouldn?t be limited, and neither should data plans.?

And if Mr. Bieber?s inclusion in the campaign?s brand video wasn?t evidence enough that T-Mobile is angling for younger viewers, his inclusion in the social component of the campaign is.

Rob Gronkowski made a cameo

Mr. Bieber ? who has a significant following on Twitter, his 91.5 million followers second to only Katy Perry?s 95.6 million ? will be retweeting his favorite #UnlimitedMoves videos on Monday, February 6, the day after the Super Bowl. 

T-Mobile has a habit of using high-profile celebrity endorsements come Super Bowl time. Two years ago, the company featured Kim Kardashian in a self-effacing ad that quickly went viral. 

Super ads
Brands have been tending towards releasing Super Bowl spots early as a way to garner hype for when the spot premiers during the actual game. Procter & Gamble?s line of all-purpose cleaning products, Mr. Clean, recently released a video in which its titular mascot goes for a titillating star turn in the property?s newest spot, which debuted on digital channels and touts an accompanying hashtag (see story). 

And Mars, Incorporated?s Snickers is making a bold move for its high-priced Super Bowl spot by filming the ad live and holding a 36-hour Facebook stream, hoping to be the most buzzed-about marketer (see story). 

As did Terrell Owens

?The Super Bowl is a social phenomenon: it has transcended sport and become a national opportunity for entertainment,? Mr. Becker said. ?Over 110 million watch it each year. 

?Justin Bieber brings people together too: he has nearly 78 million followers on his FaceBook page,? he said. ?With so much down time during a football game this ad most certainly will get people's attention. 

?The average football game reportedly lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes, but there is only 11 minutes of actually time when the ball is in play.  I can only image how many will use the extra time to capture their moves and share them with their community. 

?It?s going to be fun to watch."