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Philosophy Essay Writer

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Philosophy essay in the UK can cover quite a bit of theory and knowledge. There are classical theories of those such as Socrates and Plato. Rene Descartes is a more modern theorist who focused on doubt and separation of mind and body. Many careers or types of work students desire involve decision making processes that can greatly affect one or more persons. Physicians may be required to determine which patient should be a transplant recipient. Judges may be required to make decisions based on evidence and on how information presented affects victims and the rest of society. Religious leaders often counsel members of a church or organization on moral issues or decisions they face.

All of the occupations mentioned will benefit from the study of philosophical theory and how it can affect society. Theories address health care issues, societal inequality, social justice, women’s rights, business ethics and medical ethics (see how to write Biology essay, Business essay, History essay, Literature essay, Political essay). Topics for discussion in academic papers can vary greatly. Application of two or more theories to specific situations can be discussed. Comparison of different theories is often necessary to understand how political and legal decision makers interpret and apply laws. Application of one theory to many situations can also be discussed in a paper.

Writing a Philosophy essay that applies theory requires thorough understanding and ability to reason. The writer needs to show how a particular theory is relevant to a given set off circumstances that require action. Whichever theory or theorist the writer chooses, care should be taken when using the words of a philosopher in quotes. Theorists of different eras may use language that is slightly different from language used in the UK today. When quoting the words of a theorist, the words and spelling should be used exactly as written, despite the temptation to change them. Reasoning or logic can be used to explain how a particular theory supports a decision or action to be taken. Use of too much quoted material should be avoided. The main statement or thesis of the paper should be stated, with use of theory to support the argument or stance taken. When comparing more than one theory applied to a particular situation, it is not necessary to take a particular stance, unless required of the assigned paper. Comparison of theories and how they affect outcomes or actions taken show critical thinking skills.

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