The Anatomy of a Hyper-Successful Ad Campaign

The grocery landscape is extremely cluttered and often dominated by category giants who have been deploying huge ad budgets both in and outside of the store for years, giving them strong customer awareness and market penetration.

For ProYo, an emerging brand in the frozen dessert space, the reality is that every single dollar spent on consumer engagement must track back to sales and show a positive ROI. Thankfully, through targeted, effective and actionable media, brands like ProYo can deploy location-based digital advertising campaigns that have a powerful and measurable impact on real-world sales.

In this webinar, ProYo and Oniracom will dissect how they took on goliath brands in a competitive space with the help of their tech partner inMarket. Join speakers from all three perspectives as they examine how this campaign impacted sales in various markets — while also discussing the modern shopper marketing landscape and how mobile can level the playing field for challenger brands.