Mobile First: Harnessing the App Lifecycle for Transformative Business Success

The world hasn’t just gone digital: it’s gone mobile. Now, businesses must shift their mindset, operational strategy, budgets and even org structure to capture this incredible opportunity and position their brand for short- and long-term success.

This eBook distills this seismic shift through the lens of the mobile application lifecycle, a strategic and tactical model with actionable items to address at every stage, including:

Phase 1: Strategize to define your ideal experience, ecosystem and resources
Phase 2: Create your app in-house, outsourced or via brandable pre-built solutions
Phase 3: Target and acquire high-value users; grow your app user base
Phase 4: Engage and monetize your audience
Leverage data to optimize, rinse and repeat!


Download the eBook today and discover what it takes to close the mobile opportunity gap!