Mapp Digital Launches Unified Solution Suite, Provides Marketers with Shortest Route to Customer Engagement

- Digital marketing giant brings together its Customer Engagement Platform and Digital Marketing Services to serve more than 3,000 customers across the globe

Mapp Digital, LLC (, today announced the launch of its Customer Engagement Platform and Digital Marketing Services, following the business’ launch late last year.

Mapp Digital’s next generation marketing technology is purposefully designed to meet the most demanding digital marketing needs; respectfully engaging with customers on a truly personal level. The business builds on the experience, knowledge and expertise of seven of the most reputable marketing technology companies in the business.

Today’s launch brings the following products and services to market:

- A Customer Engagement Platform that streamlines insights and pushes business results by identifying consumer and behavioral data to acquire new customers and grow brand affinity.

- An integrated Data Management Platform (DMP) and modular software suite that enable marketers to go the extra mile, to bridge the digital gap and enhance brand engagement and marketing execution across channel and display.

- Alongside an over-arching, Customer Centric Services approach that allows marketers to optimize messaging across email, social, mobile push and web marketing, while leveraging its underlying data management platform.

While Mapp will bring the most sophisticated and specially engineered technology to customers, a major part of its mission is to simplify complexity, as Mike Biwer, Mapp Digital’s CEO, explains: “Mapp is dedicated to creating the digital marketing standard, where consumers are respected and brands thrive. We help brands stand out in an increasingly noisy digital world, and reach their potential by enabling meaningful human connections and lasting engagements with customers.”

“We’re delighted to launch our unified technology as a comprehensive customer engagement platform that enables our B2B and B2C clients to get to know their customers better over time, from their first contact to loyalty program participation. Mapp is also pushing forward in developing new marketing functionality that marketers demand – such as predictive analytics and strategic reporting.”

Mapp Digital’s Customer Engagement Platform

Mapp’s customer engagement platform enables marketers to leverage all their data sources to understand their customers’ behavior like never before. The platform lets marketers orchestrate customer engagement over email, mobile, social and web marketing with one simple dashboard and set of services, and helps establish lasting relationships with their customers to drive personalized campaigns and relevant conversations across all channels and improve their marketing results.

- Email Marketing

- Data Management Platform (DMP)

- Mobile Marketing

- Social Media Marketing

- Web Marketing

Mapp Digital’s Digital Marketing Services

Mapp provides amazing multi-channel experiences – delivering marketing messages, engaging target audiences and getting the results. Mapp’s data-driven approach generates validated leads, improves customer satisfaction, develops loyalty and maximizes a brand’s profile. Increasing response rates, providing improved ROI and a growing business.

- Multi-Channel Campaign Management

- Lead Generation

- Data Management Platform (DMP) & Biddable Media Services

- Strategy & Consulting

- Data Services

- Creative Services

Built by marketers for marketers, Mapp Digital is the new name for one of the largest independent digital marketing technology companies in the world. Over 3,000 brands choose Mapp Digital’s award winning technology. Read how Mapp is helping Thomas Cook and Infinity find the shortest route to customer engagement.


About Mapp Digital

Mapp Digital is one of the largest, global independent marketing technology companies. Our Customer Engagement Platform streamlines insights and pushes business results by identifying consumer and behavioral data to acquire new customers and grow brand affinity. Our efforts are propelled by people, cross-channel insights, marketing automation and orchestration. Mapp’s integrated Data Management Platfo…ll.,rm (DMP), modular software and customer-centric services enable marketers to go the extra mile, to bridge the digital gap and enhance brand engagement and marketing execution across channel and display.

Mapp is headquartered in San Diego with global offices in eight countries. The company helps more than 3,000 companies obtain the maximum return from their digital marketing executions. Mapp customers include CNET, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Lloyds Banking Group, Pepsi, Puma, TSB Bank, Xerox. Follow us @Mapp_Digital, or visit us at