New version is expected on September 22, 2017.

The Weather Reminder mobile iOS app is the first weather service and planner that provides users with a number of unique advantages.

Everything is very simple and convenient! The user creates Reminders, a set of weather and real-time conditions.

They can be set independently or selected from ready Templates. The special feature of the Templates is that they remember a certain item before going outside, suggest what to take for certain weather and how to plan your day.

The app suggests when it is best to wash your car or go for a run in the park. It reminds you not to forget to take an umbrella in rainy weather or sunscreen in hot weather.

If the user’s queries coincide with the forecast, then a push will come at the assigned time. The result can be added to a Calendar or Reminders.

Weather Reminder is a useful tool for active people who value their time.

The app is available in the Appstore.

An updated version of the app with expanded functional is expected on September 22, 2017. You will also like the realistic animated backgrounds.

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