SMSGlobal sets sights on

SMSGlobal sets sights on America’s $22.8 billion A2P SMS market

Australian based international mobile messaging technology provider, Smsglobal,  has its sights set on America’s booming A2P (application-to-person) SMS market, following the recent launch of a development office in Croatia.

With America’s A2P SMS industry expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% per annum from 2016–2022, SMSGlobal Founder and CEO, Carl Krumins says now is the time to drive business expansion in the region.

“America is leading the charge in the adoption of advanced technologies and, according to recent studies by Infoholic Research, is expected to make up 40% of the world’s market for A2P SMS by 2022”

says Krumins.

“Establishing a physical presence in the Americas will help us strengthen our position as a global leader in cloud based communication due to its dominant position in the world market.  This move will enable us to significantly growing our existing customer database.”

Andre Alexopoulos, SMSGlobal’s Chief Commercial Officer, says SMSGlobal has much to offer the American market, and much to gain.

“Prior to launching an office in the US, our sales team in Australia were receiving significant inbound enquiry from the Americas. There is a real demand for premium infrastructure security, reliability and connections with global tier one carriers. Receiving this level of enquiry, before SMSGlobal had a physical presence in the US, solidified our belief that this would be a relationship of mutual benefit.”

Already a major player in global communications, SMSGlobal services over 400,000 clients using state-of-the-art API’s and its advanced cloud based messaging platform. Its customers incorporate businesses of all sizes, including large-scale enterprises such as Samsung, Etihad Airways, IBM and Microsoft. 

Despite the introduction of new technologies in recent years, Krumins believes there is still a huge opportunity for further growth in the SMS industry.

“We deal with businesses across all kinds of verticals who are adopting A2P SMS to increase their market reach, improve the customer experience and enhance their sales activities.  This isn’t surprising given SMS remains the most effective platform for business to reach their audience with an open rate of 98%, compared to email, which is just 22%.

And with the continuing growth of unique mobile users, along with demand for mobile applications such as mobile banking, mobile payments and e-commerce, there is certainly still enormous potential for SMS.”