Montreal-based startup successfully launches Moose, an all-in-one gift and reward card solution for local retailers.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada - October 5th, 2017 - A Montreal based startup launches Moose, an all-in- one gift and rewards card solution for local retailers. Just a few days after online launch, Moose has already attracted users from multiple countries after being featured on the Product Hunt website. Moose's innovative gift and rewards card features bring new powerful tools to small-to-medium-sized retailers, helping them participate in the technological revolution currently transforming the retail industry.

Moose reinvents customer acquisition and retention tools for brick-and-mortar businesses in the ever-growing digital world. Local retailers often struggle with adoption of digital solutions, and this is why Moose matters: its usability, purpose, and pricing fit their needs. Its features provide important marketing tools to independent businesses that were until now only available to larger enterprises. The software helps retailers attract customers with their own customized gift cards, and retain them using the rewards features on the same card.

With Moose’s intuitive online platform, retailers have full control over their cards’ design and distribution, loyalty campaigns, and rewards. They can sell physical cards in their store, as well as digital cards that can be stored on a client’s smartphone. Moose additionally provides the option to sell cards online. Consumers can also register their cards to an online account to secure their balance and loyalty points, and keep track of their transactions.

Times are difficult for local retailers in city centers, from small individual brick-and-mortar shops and restaurants to larger businesses. Digital tools helping retailers attract and retain customers are life- changers for them. “After an extensive survey and test phase with more than 160 local retailers and Business Districts organizations in Montreal, we are glad to make Moose globally available online and thrilled by the response from the online community. Moose addresses critical needs of local businesses. Providing efficient and affordable digital tools to retailers is crucial to attracting customers back to shops and restaurants in city centers, and that’s exactly what we do with Moose” says Richard Forsans, CEO of the company.

Moose is a product by OctHuber, a startup operating from Montreal for over a year. Following development and testing in Canada, OctHuber now makes its flagship product Moose available to all retailers, worldwide.

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