TheTool presents the ASO Factors and Trends for 2018: Expert Survey

TheTool has published the ASO Factors & Trends for 2018: Expert Survey, that determines the main factors influencing App Store Optimization (ASO) and the trends for this year.

Barcelona, January 24, 2018 - The Spanish startup TheTool has carried out an expert survey identifying the main factors responsible for ASO (App Store Optimization) that have an influence on the positioning of mobile apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This study also presents the main trends in ASO for 2018, based on the opinion of more than 60 international experts in App Marketing from companies such as Zalando, Buffer, Clue, SplitMetrics, From the Bench, Rocket Internet, Runtastic, Babbel, Apptentive, Uber or 8fit, among others.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO (an acronym for App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing an app in order to maximize its visibility in the app stores through Search (keywords) and Browse (Top Charts, Featured and Similar Apps), increase the traffic to the product page and improve the Conversion Rate, with an aim to increase the volume of installs. ASO allows to grow the organic traffic and reduce the costs of user acquisition.  

Several different factors influence the positioning of an app. They are divided into on-metadata and off-metadata factors, with differences lying in the possibilities we have to directly control them.

1.- Objectives of the ASO Factors & Trends for 2018 Study

The ASO Factors & Trends for 2018 study is based on survey data from over 60 ASO and app marketing professionals who were asked to evaluate the effect of different on-metadata and off-metadata factors on Search Rankings and Conversion Rate of mobile apps and games.

The report is designed to help professionals in mobile apps industry: developers, marketers and agencies, to achieve better results with App Store Optimization and Mobile Growth. The results of the report are presented in two infographics, one aggregating the results of the survey about the most influential ASO Factors, and the second one presenting Trends for 2018 provided by the experts.

2.- Conclusions of the ASO Factors & Trends for 2018 Study

The ASO factors with most influence on both Search and Conversion Rate are very similar for the App Store and Google Play

The results of the survey reveal that the Top 5 factors responsible for ASO on Google Play Store and Apple App Store (on both Search and Conversion Rate level) are nearly identical:

App Name / Title

Localized product page

User Ratings

Subtitle / Short Description

User reviews

View Infographic - ASO Factors

The main trends in App Store Optimization for 2018

The survey also revealed meaningful insights on the trends that will determine the ASO this year. The professionals interviewed predict the following tendencies:

23% consider that Google will give away the installs data per keyword in Google Play Console. This prediction came true in the beginning of January before the publication of the results of this study.

31% consider that engagement will have more weight in ASO.

13% think that Apple will add feature graphic for all apps.

6% think that Apple will also give out the installs data per keyword in iTunes Connect.

25% consider that App Store Description will have an effect on Search Rankings.

2% think that instant apps will disappear.  

View Infographic - ASO Trends

Daniel Peris, CEO & Co-Founder of TheTool, confirms that “The app stores will evolve, and ASO will evolve with them. New layouts, new fields, changes in current fields, and, surely, many more surprises”.