The Most-Visited Retail Websites In Australia In The First Quarter of 2019

May 3, 2019. The global discounts platform CupoNation has released a study examining Australia’s most visited retail websites in the first quarter of 2019, between January to March 2019.

The research addresses the most popular online shopping websites, both local and international. CupoNation has analysed the desktop and mobile traffic coming from Australia and ranked the top 10 most-visited shopping sites in two categories: Australian online stores only and Australian and international online stores mixed together.  

US largest marketplaces are dominating internet retailing in Australia

eBay and Amazon are Australia’s favorite online shopping destinations and their superior market position remains unshakable compared to the CupoNation’s last year study.

In the race for the customer, Amazon fails to beat eBay again: while had a total of 195 million visits for the first quarter of 2019, had 58 million visits and -- 35.5 million visits for the same period.

Mobile shopping is winning over the desktop

While the competition between international and Australian online retailers is high, digital innovations in different e-commerce channels should not be left out.

Analysis of 36 largest retail websites in Australia reveals that, on average, 57% of Australia’s traffic to online stores comes via mobile, that is 5% more than the average share of mobile traffic worldwide (52% in 2018, according to Statista).

Surprisingly, among top-10 online retailers in Australia only Amazon has desktop traffic prevailing,  ( had 53% of traffic coming from the desktop in the first quarter of 2019, -- 58%).

About the study

CupoNation collected the number of visits to the desktop and mobile versions of retail websites by using SimilarWeb and Alexa tools. The data collected is valid for the first quarter of 2019, January to March 2019. The number of visits does not represent number of unique visitors, which means that if a certain user visited one of the websites for 5 times during the addressed period, it counted as 5 visits.